Want good news? Read

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By Meaghan Downs

The Anderson News prints good news.
This statement is fact.
Not opinion, although I’m declaring this truth to be self-evident in a column on the opinion page.
Recently I was asked by a reader via e-mail to give more positive recognition in the paper, promote more positive coverage.
I don’t mind responding to reader requests, especially easy ones.
My answer — we already do.
It’s no secret. It’s not as though happy, positive news is buried like the elusive Anderson Newshound among the ads on the bottom of the page.
But if you need a little help finding these types of articles, I’ll be more than happy to assist.
Step 0ne: Open the paper
Step two: Read the paper
Here ends today’s lesson.
However, most of you would probably appreciate a list of more concrete examples of good news:  
• The last three July editions of The Anderson News featured more than 316 different faces in the newspaper in both sports and news, not including staff photos, mug shots or extra photos we post online from the community events we cover.
And that’s just over the course of three weeks in the middle of summer, without the added faces of our weekly “classroom of the week” photo pages. Imagine how many Anderson County people we interview and photograph after 52 weeks.
• Coupon fanatics? The Anderson News has good news for you: every time we insert coupons in the paper, we save you money.
• The Anderson News attends school board, library board, fiscal court, health board, work sessions, code enforcement board and other meetings too numerous to count to keep you updated on how city and county public officials are spending your money.
To me, that’s not only good news, it’s comforting news.
• No other media publication focuses its attention on Anderson County like we do. We’re the first source for breaking news and we’re the only ones who take the time to know and understand the residents that live here, rather than swooping in, getting a quick video clip for the morning or evening news, and then leaving town.
The Anderson News isn’t temporary. We’ll stay, for better or worse.
As for the worse, it’s also not a secret that we write about bad things that happen. But knowledge, even knowledge about the unsavory activities and crime in Anderson County, is a good thing.
At the end of the day, my job isn’t to tell you what’s good or bad. It’s to inform.
It’s to do the best job possible in highlighting and reporting what’s going on in Lawrenceburg and Anderson County.  
That should be good news to all readers.

More good news, the library board set lower tax rates for the upcoming fiscal year.
Back in late April, it was unclear how the board of trustees would respond to calls for more frugal spending.
Now we’re almost into August, and the library board recently passed a 2.3 percent decrease in its tax rate for the 2012-2013 fiscal year, which means a few more dollars in taxpayers’ wallets.
Although this doesn’t mean the library board should get a carte blanche pass for pacifying taxpayers, it is notable that two of the board members, Bryan Proctor and Amy Kennedy, specifically mentioned the tax rate in being a gesture of goodwill toward the community, those people responsible for helping to keep the library running.
Not that they were the only ones thinking about how the rate will affect tax bills.
The three other board members, even the two board members who voted against the tax rate, spoke about the need to aid taxpayers without taking away from what the library provided for the community.
To use library director Pam Mullins’ words, that’s a “win-win situation.”