Way We Were: ’69 VW Beetle transformed into ’29 Mercedes

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 In the photo of Western’s fall festival prince and princess candidates that ran Nov. 6 there was a boy in the back row misidentified. The first boy from left on the back row should have been Ashley Chilton.


Oct. 31, 1963
A cow belonging to Estill Peak was killed by lightning Sunday night at a farm on Pleasant Grove Ridge. The cow failed to come to the barn with the herd Monday and was found on the farm by Mr. Peak Tuesday morning.

Prelate Salmon was 49 cents for a pound can at Model Market. Kraft Grape Jelly was $1 for three-18 ounce jars. Chuck roast was 45 cents a pound.

 Oct. 6, 1983
Dan Allor is featured in a story about his converted ’69 VW. Heads turn, lips curve into smiles and people stop and stare as he drove his converted Beetle down the road. He had converted it to look exactly like a ’29 Mercedes SSK.
Car kits have been around for years and the company he got the kit from called it a Gazelle, since the Mercedes Company might frown on the reproduction of their car.
“Most people don’t know the difference between a kit car and the real thing,” ... so having this has been a real ego trip,” said Dan.

Oct. 27, 1983
Career Girl officers at Anderson High School included Debbie Frye, vice president; Tina Robinson, treasurer; Nancy Lane, president; Renee Patterson, historian; and Karen Benningfield, secretary.
Seventh grade Anderson Middle School honor roll students on the A-list were: Jamie Barr, Darsce Caldwell, Brad Burton, Mary Hendricks and Julie Orme.
A-B list — Gabe Carpenter, Lori Rodarmel, Mark Peach, Karen Clark, Reva Gibson, Candy Goodman, Cheryl Powell, Betty Richmond, Tamara Welch, Loren Wells, Greg Dawson, Eric Cook. Angie Smith, Paula Carpenter, Shannon Drury, Frank Fallis, Luetta Goodlett, Lisa Gritton, Alisha Howard, Candy McMichael, Wendie Reynolds, Scott Speray, Kristi Thompson, Tammy Wells, Allison Foye, Shae McEwen, Timmy Robinson, Vicky Aldridge, Lori Burke, Laura Burton, Suzannah Cartinhour, Kristi Clark, Denise Dennis, Tabitha Fendell, LaStacia Hahn, Lea Hayden, Mark Richard, Derek Ruble, Marquerite Shouse, Melanie Willard and William Pittman.
Western Anderson High French club officers were: Angela Simpson, president; Lisa Champion, vice president; Kelia Sea, secretary; and Tina Peach, treasurer.
The Western Anderson marching bands and chorus sold calendars to increase funds for the organizations. Stacy Peach sold the most calendars; Toby Curtsinger came in second and Joe Bill Darnell third place.
Western-Anderson Beta Club officers were: Tammi Wainscott, president; Sharon Terrell, vice president; Elizabeth Brown, secretary; and Talitha Steilberg, treasurer.
New officers of the Annual staff at Western Anderson were: Holly Miller, editor; Missy Drury and Kelia Sea, co-editors. Tammi Wainscott and Melissa Taylor were to share the duties as photographers.
Bill Ulery was pictured with a 43-inch flathead catfish he had landed in Nelson County. Ulery, an Anderson County resident for 30 years, lived in Nelson County where he retired from the State Highway Department. He said it took him 35 minutes to bring in the whopper.
Phyllis Crane was pictured with then-governor John Y. Brown Jr. He had attended the Civil War battle re-enactment at Perryville where Mrs. Crane was participating. She was a dietary supervisor at Heritage Hall.

Sept. 9, 1998
Lawrenceburg Mayor Robert M. Thompson was named to the Kentucky Information Resources Management Commission.

Oct. 7, 1998
There was five generations in the Hays family. Irene Hays, great-grandmother, was pictured holding her great-great-grandson, Tyler Hays. Also pictured were A.C. Hays, great-grandfather; Wayne Hays, grandfather, and Michael Hays, father.
Oct. 28, 1998
Civic-minded Charlie Cammack, president of Lawrenceburg National Bank, was selected as Citizen of the Month.

The Alton Water and Sewer District received a $2 million dollar grant from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Donna Sloan joined Appalachian Regional Healthcare as director of public relations at the ARH Network Center in Lexington.