The Way We Were - 11/15

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The other Tyrone Bridge

The railroad bridge was built in 1889 by Louisville and Southern Railroad. It is now owned by Norfolk Southern.

According to Bluegrass Ralroad Museum information, this bridge is unique because it was never modified, strengthened or received any type of ovehaul.
The bridge is 1,659 feet long, stands 283 feet above the low water mark of the Kentucky River near the Tyrone community of Anderson County. It is also known as Tyrone Bridge.
Though aged and no longer used due to disrepair, what you see today is what it looked like when it was built 122 years ago. The last train crossed the span in November 1985.
William “Bub” Hyatt told the News recently that he helped paint the bridge during the summer of 1943.
His father, Jess, had died and his mother had to give permission for him to work.
“My mother had to sign papers for me to work,” he said.
They used spray guns and chipping hammers to get the old paint off. Buddy Poulter and Lillard “Bo” Satterly were among the workers.