The Way We Were - 11/17

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Rural route customers get box numbers

By The Staff

Nov. 10, 1960
Two Anderson County men were critically injured about 9:45 a.m. when their milk truck was struck by a northbound train at the McBrayer crossing.
Local ambulances rushed Charles Boyd, 20, and Euell Corn, 50, to the Frankfort hospital.
Boyd lived with Earl Cotton on the Waddy Road and Corn, nephew of Mrs. Ada Corn Noel, was a resident of Anderson County, living between Birdie and the Shelby County line.
Anderson County Sheriff John Birdwhistell said the train’s engineer C.F. Morris of Louisville said the train was traveling about 35 miles per hour and he saw the truck, which appeared to be at a standstill, as he approached the crossing.
He said the truck pulled onto the tracks and he was unable to stop the train to avoid hitting the vehicle.
Boyd, driver of the truck owned by Corn, was thrown clear of the wreckage, but it took about an hour to remove Corn.


J. L. Carter, 76, suffered injuries when he was run over by a tractor he was operating at his farm on Bonds Mill Road.
He was putting the tractor in the barn, when a cow got into the vehicle’s path. He got off the tractor to drive the cow back and thought he had left the machine out of gear, but it lurched forward, knocked him down and ran over him.
He was treated by a local physician and was recovering at his home from severe bruises all over his body.

Sen. John F. Kennedy won the presidential election from Republican Richard Nixon with a decisive electoral count, but with an extremely close popular vote.

About the smallest hen egg on record was brought to the News office by E.H. Harlow of Tyrone.
About three-fourths inch in diameter; the egg was laid by one of his flock of leghorns. It was displayed in the News window.

Twin dipper gourds grown on his only vine by Les Gortney were brought to the News. They were his first attempt at the large type and they measured about six inches in diameter and 20 inches in length.

Laura Ann Jones, 6-month old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Garnett Jones, died at the home of her parents in Baton Rouge, La.
Mrs. Buford Hawkins Green, 8, widow of Morton Green died after a long illness.
Mrs. Myrtle Duncan Philips, 85, widow of Claude Philips, died.

Nov. 12, 1970
The 2-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Petty of Route 3 was taken to the Woodford hospital Sunday after he reportedly swallowed kerosene.
Hazel Denise Tindall, 4-month-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Tindall, entered the Woodford Memorial Hospital to undergo tests and treatment.

Thieves dug and took four bushels of hill onions on the William and Lillie Tindall farm on Cedarbrook Road the past two weeks, Mrs. Tindall reported.
Susan Brown, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Brown, underwent oral surgery in Lexington.

S/A Elliott W. Garrison, serving aboard the U.S. Navy destroyer U.S.S. Mullinnix was home on leave.

Southern Star bacon was 69 cents a pound at Model Market. School Days peas were 35 cents for two cans.

The Lawrenceburg Optimist Club honored four Anderson County senior students during Youth Appreciation Week. Two of the students were from Western and two from Anderson. Albert Peach, teacher at Western presented the awards to Carla Hawkins and Mike Rogers of Western, Dan Whitt and Sheila Burks of Anderson County High School.

Mrs. Tera Singleton, 77, died at Haggin Memorial Hospital in Harrodsburg.
Alfred J. Miller, 78, night clerk of the city of Lawrenceburg for 15 years, died at Central Baptist.
William L. Greene, 34, Lock Road, was killed in an auto accident on Versailles Road.
Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Catlett, Lexington, daughter of the late Samuel and Susan Carter Brown, died at a Lancaster hospital.
Mrs. Jennie Johnson, widow of George Johnson, died Nov. 4.
Thomas J. Sea, 68, of Route 1, Sinai, farmer, died at his home after a long illness.
George Fint, 57, Dayton, employee of the Frigidaire Division of General Motors, died Nov. 4.

Nov. 6, 1980
With only six weeks to go before Christmas, Lawrenceburg merchants decided to give Santa a little help by staying open late on Friday night.
Downtown businesses of Eugene’s Gallery, Shirts ‘n Stuff, Wood ‘n Key, Mrs. Cox Shop, Ballard Drug, Four Lads, The Fashion Place, Ben Franklin, C&C Sport Shop, Williams Clothing, Klink’s Drug, Sparrow’s Nest, Williams Electronics, Shryock’s Shoes and The Louisville Store would all stay open till 8 p.m.

Postmaster W.J. Smith announced that all rural route customers were to be assigned a number for their mailboxes.
Smith said the continued growth of the number of people on rural routes, the similarity of names, and postal personnel (rural subs) who do not reside on the route and don’t know customers on a personal basis made it necessary for box numbers to be used as part of the rural address.
The local 4-H club members were offering decals for mailboxes as a fundraiser.

Kevin Royalty, winner of the local Farm Bureau talent contest, went on to capture the district competition.
The winner of the 17-30 age group sang “Give The All to Jesus.”
He was set to compete at state level in December.
Royalty taught music in the Anderson County school system.
Runner-up in her age division was Rachel Dockal.

The Anderson High Marching Band Flag Corps won two first place trophies four the year. Four of the corps, Tammy Godbey, Tammy Durr, Tracy Drake and Natalie Cox, were captured in a candid moment.

Dr. Robert D. Goodlett was appointed Director/President of Hazel Green Academy. His appointment came after the resignation of George W. Buchanan, who directed the 100-year-old academy for the previous 14 years.

Wanda Jane Kays Camic, 32, was killed in a traffic accident in Lexington.
Graddy Wilson, 72, died Oct. 24 at the Woodford County hospital after a long illness.
Flossie Scott Waldridge, 75, Willisburg, died Oct. 31.
Pete Milton Barnett, 83, Bloomfield, retired farmer, died at the Bardstown hospital.

Nov. 8, 1995
Hope Bixler was a winner in the Model Search Contest by the Wilhelmina Modeling Agency of New York and Glamour shots in Lexington.
She received a free photo shoot from Glamour Shots and her winning photo was included in an ad for the photography business.
As a winner, she was included in the nationwide contest.

Joe Cleary took his in labor very pregnant stepdaughter Adrienne to the emergency room at St. Joseph Hospital and was told, “We don’t do babies.”
After checking her out they sent her by ambulance to the University of Kentucky Medical Center where she had a healthy baby boy, Alastair Adams, with grandpa at her side.

Nov. 15, 1995
Sam and Rosa Mae Stratton celebrated 75 years together. They got together when “she came by and wanted to teach me on school,” he said.
Stratton was out of school by the time he was 12, He worked in the house washing dishes, cooking and skimming cream. He bought his first car in 1916 when he was 14.
The couple married Nov. 14, 1920. He was 18 and she was 21.
In February 1931, Sam opened the S.B. Stratton General Merchandise Store in the Ballard community. Sam’s uncle, M.L. Caldwell bought the first store in Ballard in the 1800s. He later sold it and left Kentucky for Oklahoma.
They lived in a side room in their new store for about a year before moving into the home they remained in for the rest of their lives.
Customers could get just about anything they needed at the store. Stratton carried clothing, horse supplies, fee, tires, fencing, along with the regular grocery items like sugar, coffee and beans.
With the help of his daughter, Emma Mae, he also ran a huckster truck. Mrs. Stratton and their other children would stay and run the store while Sam and Emma Mae would travel through the area with goods. They made their huckster runs in an old ’33 Chevy. He also had a ’37 Chevy that he would make regular runs to Louisville two to five days a week getting supplies for people.

Casey Hatter, 8, was pictured with his first button buck. He is a son of Robbie and Peggy Hatter.

Jill Carlton Blythe of Auburn joined the Office of Alumni Affairs at Western Kentucky University as the assistant director of alumni programs.

Captain George F. Gilbert Jr. was named Officer-in-Charge of the Civil Engineer Corps of the United States Naval Reserve in Norfolk, Va.

Sydney Marie Cardwell, infant daughter of Lynn Cardwell, was stillborn at UK Medical Center Nov. 6.
Ethel Hammond Casey, 88, Waddy, died Nov. 11 at her home.
William Harvey Cunningham, 72, retired from the U.s. Government Veterans Administration Hospital and Federal Correctional Facilities in Lexington after 32 years, died Nov. 7.
Thelma Corinne Eakins Richardson, 92, Shelbyville, died Nov. 12 at Shelby Manor Health Care Center.