The Way We Were - 1/5

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Here's the rest of it for last year's Way We Were

By The Staff

Sometimes you have to catch up, so this week’s Way We Were is just that. Over the year, there were several items chosen to include on the page that had to be bumped for space. So here’s what we left out. The Heaven Hill and Ellis Park ads ran in 1960.


Dec. 8, 1960
Anderson County’s Democrats held elections for members of the precinct committee to serve for four years.
Elected in the various precincts were:
Vandyke — Carl Peak; Mrs. Lee Rucker
Ninevah — Ed Wilson, Mrs. Ed Wilson
Tyrone — D.C. Thomason, Mrs. D.J. Thomason
Bond — Harland Gaines, Mrs. Stanley Johnson
Birdie — Ray Hume, Mabel Carlton
Sinai — C.B. Brown Sr., Mrs. L.D. Brown
Avenstoke — C.B. Scott, Louise T. Scott
Petty — Athel Gash, Elizabeth Whitehouse
Hawkins — Don Chilton, Marie Spaulding
Duncan — Thomas Catlett, Margaret Baxter
Lillard — Hollie Warford, Susan Pollard
West Lawrenceburg — Vernon Mayes, Mrs. Rachel Baxter
East Lawrenceburg — Charlie Young, Elizabeth Lyons
Fox Creek — William F. Gabhart, Georgia Gordon
McBrayer — T.L. Barnes, and tie vote for Juanita Thompson and Sadie Hanks
Stinnett — E.B. Sparrow, Mrs. Elbert Stinnett
Rutherford — Rual Hays, Mrs. Bertha Peach
Alton — Frank Hostetter and Mrs. Catherine Dadisman

Three 4-H boys participated in the 4-H District show and sale at Shelbyville. All three were from the Rutherford School.
Glenn Gritton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arlie Gritton, won third place for his record book and sold 368 pounds of tobacco averaging $71.21.
Floyd Drury, son of Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Drury, sold 276 pounds and averaged $70.12.
Billy Gritton, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Gritton, sold 368 pounds for $68.54.
County agent Ed Ruggles reported there were 32 cops sold for a total of $21,335.88.

Cindy Jayne Phillips reported in the Anderson High Bear Tales column the names of those who made the All-A honor roll.
They were:
Seniors — George Geoghegan, Cindy Phillips.
Juniors — Alice Catlett, Shirley Freeman, Peggy Cooper, Mary Lou Holt, Judy McGuffey, Carol Ann Marshall.
Sophomores — Jean Cunningham, Rosie Tindall, Joy Driskell, Sara Frances Drury, Mary Flynn, Brenda Morris, Betty McMichael, Gerald Robinson.
Freshmen — Bonnie Perry, Sue Royalty, Margaret Flynn, Kenny Phillips, Rosalie Houchin, Jack Birdwhistell.

A group of Brownie Girl Scouts, with their leader Mrs. William R. Shields and her assistants Mrs. Ray Brown, Mrs. Wesley McCoun and Mrs. Keith Allen, visited shut in Mrs. Frank Swift with a gift of fruit and wishes for a happy Thanksgiving.
Making the visit were Karen Allen, Jill Baxter, Donna Bryant, Margie Bryant, Cathy Duncan, Ann Bowling, Jane w. Brown, Ann L. Jenkins, Pamela Morgan, Paula Stratton, Theresa Gritton, Theresa Perry, Connie White, Olivia Ripy, ginger Giles, Elaine Duncan, Janice Stucker, Linda Stucker, Ann Stewart, Jane Marshall, Teri Edwards, Becky Blacketer, Lynn McCoun, Karen Shryock and Patricia Woods.

Dec. 22. 1960
Charles Humston Jr. was awarded a specially crafted desk pen set as one out of 100 out of a total of 7,000 insurance agents eligible for the award by producing more than 200 in a 12-month period.

Dec. 29, 1960
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Bond suffered severe burns when Mrs. Bond’s apron caught fire from her electric stove.
She received burns of the back. Mr. Bond, in putting out the fire, received severe burns of both hands.

Twins give birth to twins. J. Cecil Cook, who had 7-year-old twin Hereford cows on his farm near Alton, reported that about two weeks before one of the cows had twin calves and then this week, the other cow gave birth to twin calves.
Cook said each cow had calved several times previous to this but neither had been the mother of twins before.

New officers of the Beaver Creek Lodge were elected. Harold Peach was named Worshipful Master.
Other officers were:
Secretary, Richard B. Leathers; Treasurer, Rual hays; Tyler, Jim Dadisman; Chaplain, J. Doyle Cox; Senior Warden, J.G. Gritton; Junior Warden, Hugh G. Shouse Sr.; Senior Deacon, Orbrey H. Gritton Jr.; Junior Deacon, Eric Adkins; Senior Steward, Hugh Shouse; Junior Steward, June Goodlett.

JULY 9, 1970
Six people were honored at Lawrenceburg Christian Church for outstanding service to the community.
Truman Birdwhistell was honored for his work with the Red Cross. He had been chairman of the blood program in Anderson County for a number of years. He was also Superintendent of the Lawrenceburg Waterworks and was the City fire chief.
Rev. R.E. Booker, a retired Baptist minister, was honored for his work with the handicapped children, having devoted much time to the State School for Handicapped Children.
Mrs. E.B. Cartinhour Jr., received a certificate for her work with the needy people of the county. She had been the public health nurse with the Anderson County Health Department for a number of years.
William E. Hunt was recognized for his work with the scouts. He led the oldest troop in Kentucky No. 36, which was organized here by the late Rev. W.G. Eldred.
Wyatt Shely, retired school teacher, was honored for his contributions as a historian of the county.
Mrs. C.T. Ward, who had been an educator for many years and was a former County School Superintendent, was recognized for her contributions in the field of education.

Dec. 24, 1970
Denny Gash, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur (Jake) Gash, won the soil Conservation Essay Contest for the third consecutive year.
He was the county winner in 1968, second place winner in 1969 and the first place county winner this year.
Sue Burns of Western High School was the second place winner in the high school group.
County winners for the elementary schools were Sallie Goodlett, Saffell Elementary, first; and Donna Flygstad, Alton, second.
Other school winners were: John Cook, Anderson County High; Mark Shelburne, Sand spring; Martha Shely, Glensboro; and William R. Robinson, Rutherford.

Mitchell Cunningham entered the University Hospital in Lexington for treatment of an eye injury sustained when he was hit in the eye with a rock.

The will of the late Miss Mae Sullivan was probated in Anderson County court.
She left to her nephew Paul S. McBrayer and her niece, Jane McBrayer McKittrick, her farms, known as Cedar Lodge and Ripplewood, located on the Clifton Road. Jane McKittrick was to have the use of the residence of Ripplewood as a home, and also all livestock and farming implements and all furniture at Ripplewood, and also the piano and automobile.
Special bequests of cash were made including: James McKittrick, $7,000; Paul S. McBrayer, $6,000; June McKittrick, Mrs. Cleo Gillis Hester, Mrs. Arthur Huckle and Betty Huckle, $1,000 each. Other bequests of cash included: Jane McKittrick, $2,000; Paul S. McBrayer, $6,000; Kathryn Allen McBrayer, $1,000; June McKittrick, $3,000; Sarah Murdaugh and Robert Gillis Hester, $1,000 each.

Dec. 31, 1970
Jerry Gritton was installed at Worthy Master at the Beaver Creek Lodge. Calvin Morgan was the outgoing Worthy Master.
Other officers were Thurston Sparrow, Senior Warden; Ralph Dennis, Junior Warden; Morris Carney, Senior Deacon; James Bryant, Junior Deacon; Gary Stinnett,
Secretary; Rual Hays, treasurer; R.C. Crouch, Tyler; Elva Sparrow, Chaplin, Elbert Stinnett, Senior Steward; Gilbert Sea, Junior Steward.

John H. Wilson, 22, of Crab Orchard, a graduate of the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, was named Youth Agent for Anderson County.

The Cora Morris Sweeney Scholarship Fund, was created by her husband, J.B. Sweeney, to honor his educator wife, who died earlier in the year.

Dec. 18, 1980
Column writer Ezra Sparrow wrote about visiting neighbor W.B. Cole a couple of days before he turned 99.
“We might say in passing, that we have known Burton Cole for more than the biblical ‘three score years and ten.’
“W.B. Cole is the type of man that we used to hear spoke of a pillar of the community, a man that could always be counted on for help in any worthwhile work or community need; a good husband and father, a good neighbor, one who made his influence felt in the historical Fox Creek Christian Church.
“We have been happy to call him friend across the span of many years.”

Fire of undetermined cause destroyed the two-story frame home of Alan and Vickie Cooper on Timber Creek Road. Both had left for work when the fire broke out and firemen from Glensboro and Stringtown reported to the blaze just minutes later.
The family was able to save a few of their belongings from 130-year old structure known as the old Brown homestead.

Several other recent victims of fire received aid.
During recent weeks the Gene Slatten family on Palmer Road, the Melvin Davis family on Jenny Lillard Road and the Glen Rodgers family from Bonds Mill all were victims of fire.
The good news was the families received help from churches, friends and local agencies.
Clothing and other things were being collected at local churches for the all three families. The Davis family was relocated to another residence. The Rodgers family was fixing up a new mobile home on their place.

Christie Hays, a third grader at Western Anderson, and Lee Buntain, a third grader from Saffell Elementary, were pictured as the winners of The Anderson News Letter to Santa contest.
Each received a bunch of gifts as winners.