Way We Were: Anderson Bearcats on road to Rupp

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March 8, 1962
The Anderson High Bearcats won the 42nd District Basketball Tournament by downing the Nicholasville Rosenwald team 74-45 at the Mercer County gymnasium.

The opening of the annual Anderson County Grade Basketball tournament Monday witnessed two closely played games. Marlowe outlasted Alton 25-21, although the game was tied at 21 with 1:46 left to play, and Rutherford surprised Sand Spring by turning on the heat in the last quarter and winning  25-22.

An estimated 200 attended the Western Community meeting held at the school Monday, which was followed by a 4-H Rally featuring 10 talent acts.
Ann Blakeman was the winner of the specialty act for the 4, 5, 6th grades, singing “Whole World,” accompanied by Jane McGuire.
The Jolly Good Luck club act, entitled “Willie Boy,” was presented by Larry Crouch, Charles Casey, Alla Verian Case, Donna Brown, Kent Stevens, Crevelon Bond, Michael Stinnett, William Puckett, Diane Waldridge, Debra Wilkerson, Dwight Conway, Rita Satterly, Billy Peach, Judy Nutgrass and Tommy Searcy.
Other acts from the lower grades included a solo by Kent Stevens, “Mary Don’t You Weep;” “Big John” by Mike Stinnett, Dwight Conway, Billy Peach and Tommy Searcy; “Old Texas” by Donna Brown, Creve Bond, Alla Case and Debra Scott; “Billy Boy” by Billy Peach and Carolyn Dennis,” assisted by a chorus; and “Cotton Field” by a group of club members.
A duet specialty act from the seventh and eighth grade Junior Eagles Club was won by Loretta Hupp and Linda Brown. The girl’s chorus, singing “Down in The Valley’ also placed  first. The chorus was composed of Jane McGuire, Loretta Hupp, Linda Brown, Jo Ann Kirsch, Rita Satterly and Shirley Wilson. Sue Cole was the accompanist.
The Western Teenage club presented their talent act. The girls’ ensemble composed of Sue Cole, Sandra Hoskins, Jeanne Blakeman, Susie Stratton, Judy Brown, Billy Wells, singing “This Is My Country” and “I Hardly Think I Will.”

Delbert Buntain, an employee of the J.T.S. Brown Distillery, was confined to his home with a leg injury.
Buntain was reported to have suffered the injury when he was caught between two barrels of whiskey while the barrels were being moved in the warehouse.

Juanita Sutherland of Gee was one of 42 Georgetown College students named to the Dean’s List for the first semester.
The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Sutherland was a junior at Georgetown.

Mrs. Gusta Wiley Hurst, 69, died at her home in the Ebenezer section of Mercer County; William T. Hanks, 77, retired railroad employee; John T. Williams, 68, retired farmer; Jesse T. Cook, 46, employee of General Electric plant in Louisville for 10 years, died in the office of Dr. L.E.. Wash of a heart attack; Goodloe Mayes, 72; widely known businessman, who operated a general store in Mayo for 30 years; Clara Young Harris, fourth grade teacher at Lyndon Consolidated School; Bertha E. Robinson, 71, mother of four daughters and five sons, including Mrs. Claude Perry of Anderson County.

March 11, 1982
“People stop and stare as he rides into town on his Honda, camera on one hip, first aid kit on the other, and a Wild Turkey on his back” was the lead paragraph of a story about Leon Thornberry.
Leon Davis Thornberry was a rugged individualist who fought for what he believed: fairness, respect for others and the right to one’s own opinion.
An avid photographer, what started out as a hobby led to a business venture.
Photography led Thornberry to another important phase of his life, the Anderson County Rescue Squad. He became captain of the squad and was also the coordinator of the Disaster Emergency service (DES) for Anderson County.
He has worked at Austin-Nichols Distilling Company on Tyrone Road for 30 years. Before that he  had worked at Kraft Foods, in construction, rock quarry and a stint in the army.
He had been shipping supervisor at Wild Turkey for 10 years.
“I’m a loner. I like to go out in the woods and hunt or walk around. I go for long drives by myself sometime,” he said.
“I’m not one of these people who say if I had my life to go over, I’d do this or that different. I’ve lived a pretty full life for a country boy.”

Western-Anderson Eagles advanced to the finals in the 30th District Tourney held at Anderson High School with a 72-59 victory over the Anderson Bearcats.  They lost in the final game to the Shelby County Rockets but advanced to the region with a runner-up trophy. Coached by Paul Watts, team members were: Chad Crouch, manager; David Perkins, Chris Hayes, Mark Robinson, Gill Crouch, Scott Caldwell, Jimmy Young, assistant coach; Kevin Goodlett, Eddie Hatchett, Ray Hoskins, David Wilson, Eddie Satterly, Terry Duckwall, Wayne Miller, Jeff Drury and Brent Stevens.

Nannie Bell Yeager, 71, native of Washington County; James E. Hoskins, 99, retired farmer; James L. Jeffries, 61, retired farmer; Mattie Cottrell Simpson, 82; David L. “Dee” Carter, 65, retired from General Electric after 20 years; Thomas Mike Fint, 60, retired tile setter; Frances Pemberton, 74; James S. “Wop” Caldwell, 63, retired farmer; Luther Harrison Manley, 64, brother of Clayton Manley of Lawrenceburg.

March 12, 1997
Mrs. Melvie Ruble of Bowling Green celebrated her 100th birthday.
She was born in Anderson County to Andrew J. and Lula Gregory Jelf, General Store owners on the Old McDonald Road in 1897.

The Anderson High Bearcats were on their way to the Sweet 16 at Rupp Arena after winning the 8th region finals against Oldham County.

Army Pvt. Second Class Joshua Drury graduated a 14-week basic combat and advanced infantry training class at Fort Knox.
He is a son of the Rev. Steve and Judy Drury and grandson of Garland and Betty Drury and Jimmy and Joann Drury.

Chad Stratton and Jessie Blackburn tied for third placed in written competition in regional competition at Governor’s Cup to advance to state level.
Members of the academic team that placed in the district competition were: Jessica Mach, Jason Grace, Leslie Lilly, math; Chad Stratton, science and composition; Chris Watts, social studies and English; Derek Cinnamon, general knowledge; Jessie Blackburn, composition; Future Solving Team, consisting of Sarah Schaars, Tim Foye, Katie Dahlen, Derek Roark, placed second; Quick Recall Team consisting of Chris Watts, Chad Stratton, Jason Grace, Jessica Mach, Derek Roe, Steven Rucker and Derek Cinnamon placed second.

William Carl Beasley, 85, carpenter; Milo L. Dahlby, 77, retired employee of the Union-Pacific Railroad; Florence Edith Young Franklin, 85, widow of Bruce W. Franklin; Cletis Toll McCoun, 88, widow of Herbert H. McCoun Sr.; Billy Semones, 55, owner of Semones Body Shop; Hilda L. Bryant Whitaker, 84, retired examiner and sewed for Fruit of the Loom in Frankfort.