Way We Were: New Liberty celebrated 100th anniversary

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In going back over Mr. Shely’s columns in the four or five papers it took to run his places in Anderson County information, one was inadvertently left out. The columns ran in 1972.
Shely was a teacher and resident historian.


JOHNSONVILLE — Located 18 miles west of Lawrenceburg on U.S. 62. It was named for the first settler, David Johnson, who built a log house there about 1835. A post office was started in 1854 and the community was incorporated in 1856.

Feb. 22, 1962
New Liberty Christian Church celebrated its 100th anniversary with special all-day services.
Guest speakers were to include the Bro. Raymond Sparrow, who until recently was the minister of the Briar Ridge Christian Church; and Bro. Ezra Sparrow of Lawrenceburg.
The New Liberty Congregation was founded by the Rev. Henry Sparrow on Feb. 25, 1862 in a one room log building near the present community of Johnsonville and originally known as Sparrow’s Union Church.
It was not long, however, until property was purchased on the New Liberty Road and the first church was built on its present site.
In 1937, a third building was erected. No major improvements had been made on that structure until December 1961, when construction was begun on a $6,500 educational unit under the building. The new basement was finished on Feb. 20, 1962.
Both Raymond and Ezra Sparrow were direct descendants of the founder of the church, Henry Sparrow. Other ministers who were also descendants of the founder of the church were George Burge and J.S. Whitehouse, ministers of Christian Churches; O.T. Sparrow, Coleman Sparrow, Elmer Sparrow, ministers of Christian Churches and David Sparrow, a Baptist minister.

Billie Ann Driskell was chosen winner of the 1962 contest for the selection of the American Homemaker of Tomorrow conducted by General Mills.
Miss Driskell was a student at Western High School. She was eligible for one of the 102 scholarships to be given away.

Swift Premium Bacon was 49 cents a pound at Model Market. Swift Premium TV dinners were 39 cents each. Dinty Moore Beef Stew was 49 cents for a 24-ounce can.
Army Private William T. Carmickle, 23, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bowen Carmickle, Route 2, was in basic combat training with Company of the 14th Battalion at Fort Knox.

Onita Saffell Smith, 70, member of the Lawrenceburg Elementary School faculty for a number of years; Nancy Verna Riley Disponett, 68; Garvey Curtsinger, 75; William Clinton Short, 88, retired farmer; Alice Young Ison, 99, died at the home of her son, Carl Ison; Elizabeth Stevenson, 53, daughter of Ed Coubert of Lawrenceburg; Harrison Franklin Monroe, 18, Campbellsburg, nephew of Albert Monroe of Lawrenceburg, died from injuries received in an auto accident; Chester B. Montgomery Sr., 33; Susie Soard,84, sister of Ed and Cock Cubert of Anderson County.

Feb. 18, 1982
Work was progressing on the new bridge for Highway 53 at Glensboro. R.R. Dawson Bridge Company of Bloomfield was paid $338,190 to build the span over Salt River.
The new bridge was being constructed because a truck coming down the hill had struck the old bridge, knocking it into the river.

Four members of the Anderson High Co-Ed-Y Club represented Anderson County at the Fifth Annual State YMCA Washington Seminar. They were Donny Hendry, Will Hatfield, Tony Smith and Chad Carlton.
Co-Ed-Y officers were: Ann Fallis, secretary; Jay Crawford, sergeant-at-arms; Glenda Taylor, treasurer; Tony Smith, president; Tony Webb, vice president; Joel Denney, chaplain; Chad Carlton, sergeant-at-arms; and Sharon Gash, representative on council.

Bruce Fowler Jr., 61, retired farmer and truck driver; Minnie Alcorn Hicks, 92, mother of the late W.M. Hicks of Stringtown; Donald Wayne Wilson, 35, died after a long illness; Mary Louise Roach Vaughn, 75, a graduate of Science Hill Inn Girls School in Shelbyville.

Feb. 12, 1997
Angel Neighbors was crowned the 1997 Anderson County High School Basketball Sweetheart.  She is a daughter of John and Beverly Neighbors and was escorted by Michael Hahn, son of Ralph and Sherry Hahn.
Jennifer Peach, daughter of Don Peach and the late Toby Bates Peach, was first runner-up. Tony McCann, son of Anita and Dave McCann, escorted her.

Robert David Harman, junior, and Ginger Michelle Shely, sophomore, were on the academic honors list at Campbellsville University for the fall semester.

Michael Carl Watson and Paul Wallace Gill, both of Lawrenceburg were selected for inclusion in the 1996 edition of Outstanding Young Men of America.

Jimmy Phelps, son of James and Beth Phelps was selected as Cheerleader of the Week. He had been cheerleading for two years, one of them on the varsity squad.
His future plans included becoming a radiologist.

Armenda Blake, a communications/journalism major, was inducted into the Lindsey Wilson College chapter of Alpha Chi. She is a daughter of Edward and Sendia Blake.

James Roscoe Disponett, 85, retired farmer, former school bus driver and former mechanic; James Raymond Stratton, 68, retired construction worker and farmer; Edna Cheak Wash, 90, wife of the late Robert Russell Wash.