Way We Were: Pipe cleaning takes money, literally

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June 21, 1962
John Louis Hume, son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hume of Alton Station, graduated from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Va.
He received a bachelor of arts degree in business administration with specialization in accounting and economics.
He is married to the former Brenda Adams, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Reo Adams of Alton Station.

Groundbreaking ceremonies were held for the new Woodford Hospital. The building program was initiated by a $400,000 gift from Mrs. Oakey Logan Alexander.

July 12, 1962
It takes real money to clean pipe organs . . . paper money, that is, and $10,000 bills can’t be beat, so Charles L.  Higgs says. Higgs was tuning, voicing and cleaning the instrument at First Baptist Church in 1962.
Of course $1, $5, $10 or any other bill can be used just as well since they are all made out of the same paper . . . a fine lintless rag content paper for which no substitute has ever been found for cleaning under the brass tongues. While he talked, Higgs used a $1 bill and his assistant for 20 years, George Martin, used a $5 bill.
The organ had been installed 38 years before. It has 61 keys on each of the two manuals, and 32-foot pedals. Replacement cost in 1962 was estimated to be between $18 and $20,000, according to Higgs.

“You may be arrested for robbery” was an ad campaign by Hendry Motors. They said their prices were so good it was a steal. Prices included a 1959 Chevy convertible for $1,395 and a 1957 Olds Convertible for $845.

Klink’s Drug Store announced that Samuel L. Shouse was now associated with it as a registered pharmacist.

Clyde H. McKee, a senior at The College of the Bible, Lexington, was to be ordained into the Christian ministry at Salvisa Christian Church.
A former resident of Anderson County, he is a son of Clara S. McKee of Lexington and Wallace McKee of Brownsville, Texas.

Stevie Bowen, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Bowen of Sinai, was admitted to the Frankfort hospital after a pony fell on him, breaking his leg.

Carleen Nethery, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Nethery of Van Buren, entered Kentucky Baptist Hospital in Louisville Sunday for the removal of impacted wisdom teeth.

Ruby Shackleford won a $200 stereophonic record player in the Grand Ole Opry TV Sweepstakes, sponsored by a milk concern of St. Louis, Mo.
Shackleford said she submitted a jingle and was one of the winners among 80,000 contestants. She received her record player July 2.

The Birdwhistell & Martin Realty and Auction Company sold the home of the late Charles Moffett at Alton at auction to Walker Cunningham for $4,450.

Ollie McGinnis, 71, retired thread mill worker; Emmett Highbarger, 68, retired railroad and telephone company employee; Howard Terhune, 80, Mercer County farmer killed in traffic accident

July 8, 1982
The state’s second oldest fair, the Lawrenceburg Fair and Horse Show, was set to open on Sunday.

Merinda Kaye Brown, daughter of Robert and Mary Sue Brown, was named a 1982 United States National Award winner in English. The Anderson Middle School student is a granddaughter of William and Zenobia Brown of Lawrenceburg and Mary Alice Riley of Lexington.

Martha Philips, business administration major from Lawrenceburg, was named to the academic honor roll at Kentucky State University. She is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Gregory of Mercer County.

There were 24 Anderson County girls in contention for the title of Miss Lawrenceburg Fair and Horse Show. They were Karen Davenport, Tara Le Wells, Robin Chambers, Beth Armstrong, Diana Smith, Rhonda Gains, Barbie Peak, Teresa Maloney, Holly Fowler, Susan Sea, Michelle Thompson, Dawn Stratton, Julie Sparrow, Valeria Vaught, Sharon Roark, Hope Hellard, Nancy Ann Lane, Natalie Cox, Jenny Durr, Lisa Hanks, Jennifer Russell and Marceline Brown.

George D. McWilliams Sr., 88, was one of the foremost civic and business leaders in the history of Anderson County. He was treasurer of the Anderson County Industrial Corporation that brought Universal Fasteners to Lawrenceburg and was a member of an industrial committee instrumental in locating Kraft Foods and Edwards Sausage Company here. He was a member of Lawrenceburg City Council for a number of years, an automobile dealer and merchant here his entire adult life and formerly operated what later became Boone Hardware.
W.B. Cheak, 61, a farmer and carpenter, was killed in a farm accident involving a hay baler; Delbert Eugene Cox, 59, farmer; Mary McRay, 70, 1930 graduate of Lawrenceburg High School; Albert Elkins, 70, retired plumber; Martin Dale Likes, 73, retired farmer.

July 9, 1997
Jeff Sauer, librarian, was selected as ‘Citizen of the Month.”

Erastus and Madie Cornish celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.

Navy Fireman Joseph D. McGaughey, son of Leslie McGaughey, and Alice F. McGaughey, completed a six-month deployment to the Mediterranean Sea aboard the guided missile frigate USS Hawes.

Evelyn Patricia Chilton Carter, 57, sorter at Florida Tile and former Hall-Mack employee; Emily Carter Hedges, 89, homemaker; Louis McGaughey 78, husband of Anna Ruth Carlisle McGaughey; Anita Allen Moore, 94, former owner and operator of The Garrard Mill.