Way we were: Williams hitchhiked to Florence (Italy)

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August 10, 1961
Bobby Satterly, 19, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Satterly, suffered an injury to his right eye when he was struck by a ball while trying out Thursday morning in Versailles at the Pittsburg Pirates camp.
He hit a home run the first time at bat and the second time up he was struck. Eight stitches were required to close the deep cut above the eye. He was admitted to Versailles Hospital and then taken to a specialist in Lexington.
He returned home late Tuesday and was treated by a local physician when he arrived in Lawrenceburg. He is reported as improving at his home in the county.

Candy Mountjoy fell from a horse while riding Sunday afternoon and suffered a broken arm.

Christy Brown suffered a broken right arm below the elbow Monday night while playing at her home.

A 19-1/2 quart capacity cold pack canner was $1.98 at the C.D. Lyen Company.

St. Lawrence Catholic Church advertised an ice cream supper.

A 1952 Chrysler Hardtop was $95 at Hanks Motor Company, located on East Woodford Street.

Want to sell — Portable record player, plays 78 rpm. Nice case. Perfect mechanism. Call Mrs. Elliott Garrison. TE 9-4279
For Sale — Collie puppies, 2 months old. Bernice Cinnamon. Telephone TE 9-4820.

Townsel Adams, D.M.D. announced the opening of an office in Lawrenceburg for the practice of general dentistry. The office was to open the first week of September with the location and hours to be announced later.
Originally from Whitesburg, Adams was a 1958 graduate of the University of Louisville School of Dentistry and served two years in the Air Force as a dentist.

Selina Faith Ruble, 2, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hollis Ruble; Mrs. Margaret Leona Penney, 86.

August 5, 1971
David Ruggles signed as basketball grant-in-aid at East Coast Junior College in Panama City, Fla. He was to play the wing position.

Beaver Creek Lodged burned bonds that had been retired and a note that had been paid off at ceremonies at Anderson National Bank.

Ground beef was 63 cents a pound at A&P. A 5-1/2 ounce can of Hershey’s syrup was 10 cents.

July 20 — Loren Thomas Wells to Mr. and Mrs. Jackie Wells.
Aug. 2 — Krista Jenenne to Sgt. and Mrs. H.W. Walker.

Sherri Williams wrote of her travel in Italy in a letter to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Williams.
“We hitchhiked up to Florence (Italy) last week for three days. I went with Martha and Peggy (the 60-year-old Scottish lady I told you about). I also learned something about her daughter, Helen. She was chosen “Young Scott of 1966.” That’s something like Miss America except more on intellilect [sic] and character than beauty. I’m meeting the most interesting people! Martha knew of an orphanage in Florence, so we got to stay there for free. They cooperate with ours in Rome, but it is not Baptist. The first day I saw the Cathedral, the baptistry, a church and museum. The next day it was two museums and three churches, and the next it was three museums and two churches. Put the heat with the crowds and the walking all day, and you have a worn out tourist. . . Florence was well worth it all — I’ve never seen so many really famous art works, paintings and statues. I especially enjoyed Michelangelo’s “David.”

Mrs. Bright Bond Trent, 92; Minnie Earl Wilson Cunningham, 77.

August 6, 1981
The Lawrenceburg Merchants Softball team was state champs and was set to play in the National Softball tournament later in the month.
Teams members were: Brent Hanks, Timmy Drury, Walter Earlywine, Mark Bryant, Rickey Hall, Connie Phillips, Bobby Toll, David Courtney, Johnny DeWitt, Lonny Satterly, Billy Fint, Stanley Penney, Buddy Chilton, Berry Young, Greg Baxter, Coaches Mike Adams and Jesse Sanford.

Richard and Jackie Davenport take over the Bond & Waterfill Store at McBrayer to keep it from closing.

 Youngster Ralph Adams was pictured with a 12-pound carp he had caught while Granddad D.E. Adams, 1-pound catfish was so small you couldn’t see him in the photo. They were fishing with dough balls on Salt River.

Carrie Meeks Stevens Catlett Brown, 87, co-operator of the E.A.  Brown Grocery; Burton Ashburn, 47, construction worker; John W. Sutherland, 79; Mrs. Epee Herpes Stinnett, 80; Oscar E. Gortney, 91, Harrodsburg police judge for 42 years, blind since childhood, he also worked as a piano tuner and technician; John Alvin Cinnamon, 83, retired farmer.

August 7, 1996
Kenneth Miller was going to take his straight A’s and straightforward personality straight to America’s boldest and most prestigious school – Harvard.

Lawrenceburg was to be the home of four new restaurants and an ice cream shop — Taco Bell, Burger King, Long Silvers, Baskin Robbins and Columbia’s Steak House. That was according to a sign on the property at the corner of U.S. 127 and 62.
The impending development had not been finalized.

Leon and Clarice Thornberry had been married 50 years. They had three children — John and Tim Thornberry and Alicia Cardwell.

Charles Edward Campbell, 59, self-employed contractor; Ethel Mae Milburn, 88; Dora Mae Waits, 58, department store manager at Wal-Mart.