We’re soaked

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Anderson remains under flash flood watch as rain continues to pour

SATURDAY 11 A.M. — Anderson County remains under a flash flood watch with more rain expected to fall through Sunday.

The county was under a flash flood warning through 11:30 a.m. Saturday.

At least three roads are closed due to nearly 6 inches of rain that has fallen through Saturday morning, with several more inches expected by Sunday.

Emergency Management Director Bart Powell said Rice, Gilberts Creek and Dry Dock roads are and will likely remain closed, with others, including Hammonds Creek, being accessible only when the rain relents.

“It comes and goes,” said Powell. “Just when the water starts to go down and the trouble areas open up, it will rain for 15 minutes and close them.”

“We encourage people not to go through the water,” he said. “The road could be undermined and you won’t know that.

“We tell people to turn around, don’t drown. Regardless how familiar you are with the road, find an alternate route. If you get in trouble, our first responders have to enter it and that creates serious issues for everyone.”

Powell said as of Saturday morning, the Tyrone area along the Kentucky River has handled the heavy rain, although the river has risen an estimated 22 inches since Friday night.

“They’ve opened two of the gates at Herrington Lake, but the Kentucky River Authority didn’t think that would be enough to cause flooding on the river,” Powell said.

“Tyrone is OK right now. It would take a lot more water to cause issues down there.”

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