What they are saying about Tony Kays

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“I know personally that he takes care of each and every one of his players and genuinely cares about them, even after they leave and graduate Anderson County. He reached out to me to help him with the basketball program as the girls' freshman basketball coach. I don't think he will ever know how much that means to me. It was truly an honor.”

-        Kristen Phillips Shouse, Anderson County Class of 2003 and current Lady Bearcat freshman coach


“I saw (Kays) put together a good team of coaches around him and I saw him grow into a great leader for our girls’ basketball program.”

 – Rick Sallee, athletic director, Anderson County High School


“Coach Kays was actually my tennis coach the three years I played at Anderson County. We built a good relationship, as I'd expect he did with every athlete he coached at the school. He was always very fair and treated the kids he coached and taught with a lot of respect. The feeling was reciprocated, and the kids on his teams or in his classes were eager to work hard for him.”

-        Steve Jones, recruiting writer, The Courier-Journal, Anderson County Class of 1999


“I consider (Kays) a good friend in the coaching business and I have much respect for the way he does what he does. We had quite a few knock-down, drag-out games between our teams, and when they were over, regardless of who won, we were still good friends and rivals. … In my mind, Tony's been worthy of the Eighth Region Coach of the Year on several occasions.”

-        Frank Wright, girls' head basketball coach, Ballard High School, Louisville. and former head coach at South Oldham High School


“One thing I'll never forget was what he said to me on senior night. I was already a mess anyway because I didn't want it to end, but he told me he loved me and I'd always be one of his favorite girls. I think that's when I realized how much he had believed in me as a player and as a person.”

-        Courtney Milam, Anderson County Class of 2008, now a Lady Bearcat assistant coach


“Tony has run a first-class program and has done an outstanding job developing his talent. Tony is not only one of the best coaches in the Eighth Region, but also in the state of Kentucky. I will surely miss him in the seasons to come.”

-        Bob Osborne, girls' head basketball coach, Owen County High School


“It was a neat experience to go on at work at the newspaper and reconnect with (Kays) from the perspective of a reporter and a coach, as well as cover some Anderson games at the state tournament. He was always accessible to us at The Courier-Journal when we needed him for interviews or for information on the team. In his post-game press conferences at the Sweet 16, Coach Kays was equally gracious in victory and defeat, praising the opponent and giving an honest assessment of the games.”

-        Steve Jones