Whatever you do, don’t tell Lucille White

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A big surprise is close at hand for Lucille and William White, but nobody wants them to know so mum’s the word.
The trouble is, Lucille has been asking everybody in her family what they are going to do for their 60th anniversary. “She’s driving us crazy,” said her daughter Donna.
It’s hard to keep a secret from her mom, but her mom and dad kept a secret when they first married.
The couple married March 24, 1951 in Indiana. But nobody knew it because they didn’t tell anybody until after she graduated in June from high school in Woodford County. They lived apart for those first few months.
After announcing they were married, they lived in Versailles for a while. They later moved to Anderson County, where they lived at Ripyville, on Paxton Road, and in 1970 finally settled on Johnson Road.
Lucille worked at Huffman Distillery, where she proofed and bottled the bourbon. She then opened her own business, Family Florist. In later years, she was a tour guide at Four Roses Distillery until she retired a couple of years ago, according to daughter, Donna Young.
William worked for Seagram’s Distillery (now Four Roses) for many years. Hugh White, William’s father, also worked there. William was a truck driver and took the first barrel shipped out of the distillery to its destination, according to Donna.
“Granddaddy rolled the first barrel into the truck,” she said. “They have a picture of him hanging in the distillery.”
William also had his own business — bulldozing and hauling rock.
Lucille enjoys traveling and talking to people. William is the quiet one, who enjoys staying home more, but enjoys the state visits. Lucille and William have been to every state in the union except Alaska and Hawaii.
William enjoys fishing and tinkering with his restored Model T car. It caught fire in the Bicentennial Parade in 1976 and he restored it again. He drives it now and then.
He also loves his music. Banjo is his first love, but he can also play the mandolin, guitar, fiddle, harmonica and the steel guitar.
Lucille couldn’t play an instrument, so she would get a wooden spoon and pot and play along with him, Donna said.
The Whites have three children — Larry and Ricky “Chigger” White and Donna Young. They have eight grandchildren.
When Lucille asks the kids if they have planned anything, the answer is “No. Not that I’m aware of.”
With all these negative answers, Lucille’s getting a little on the down side, said Donna.
But when she reads this maybe her spirits will brighten a little.
So Lucille, as Gomer Pyle would have said “SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE!”
There is a big reception planned at Ninevah Christian Church this Saturday. Family and friends are invited to come by between 1 and 4 p.m. Come on out and help them celebrate their 60th anniversary.
“Mama, now you can go buy a new dress and yes, Daddy, there will be chocolate cake,” said Donna.