Where do you stand, sheriff?

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To the editor:
Dear Sheriff Troy Young,
As the chief law enforcement officer of Anderson County, you were required to take an oath upon entering office to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.
Having taken that oath, I would like to know, along with many other Anderson County residents, if you will honor your oath by refusing to enforce federal rules, regulations and directives that violate the Constitution and/or the Bill of Rights.
The Second Amendment clearly proclaims that the people have a right to own guns and in the Bill of Rights, the government is prohibited from infringing on that right of the people to own guns if they choose to do so.
Your primary job is to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution and the rights of the people that live in Anderson County.
The Supreme Court has ruled that the federal government has no lawful jurisdiction in the counties, and that when a sheriff chooses to enforce an unconstitutional directive, he is violating his constitutional oath.
The people of Anderson County are your employer, sheriff, and you are the employee and we expect you to represent us and not the federal government as your employer.
I, as other concerned residents, want to know if you are given an order that violates the Constitution, will you honor your oath, or will you choose to do as directed by President Barack Obama of the United States.
Awaiting your answer, sir.
Sandra Leeds