Win or lose, grandma is the best

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By Caleb Cherry

I am nominating my grandma, Shirley Cherry, for Kentucky AARP grandparent of the year essay contest. She deserves this award for many reasons. Here are only a few of them.
First, my grandma is deserving of this title because she makes up funny stories to tell to me. She always makes the characters look and act like me. I do not get to see her much, but when I do, I make sure to enjoy it. As she tells me these stories, I laugh and beg for more. While we sit on the bed I give her my full attention, as I listen to story after story. When I do see my grandma she always makes sure that we enjoy whatever we are doing. This shows my grandma is willing to put in time for me.
Another reason why my grandma deserves to win is, every time I go to her house she prepares a fish fry. We have to catch the fish first in the lake behind her house. This is the fun part. The best part is when we do catch something. Even if we don’t catch anything I still have a good time with her. Then, we put the fish in a cage with a rope on it and throw the cage in the water. We tie the rope to a pole on the dock. When we come home with a fish she lets me drive the boat back home. When I was little I acted like I was Pirate Blackbeard. Still to this day I love going fishing and driving the boat. This shows my grandma cares for me.
The last reason my grandma deserves to win the Kentucky AARP grandparent of the year essay contest is because of her singing. I know all of her songs. She has made three CD’s. She is a Christian singer. My picture is on one of her CD’s. I sang a song with her in one of her concerts when she came to sing at our church. Her voice is so soft and gentle. This shows that she loves me.
Now that you have read my essay, I hope you see how important my grandma is to me. Win or lose this contest my grandma is still the best grandparent in the world.