Woman indicted for felony in Frankfort

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By The Staff

Tina Kincaid, 46, of Lawrenceburg was indicted June 15 on one count of misusing electronic information, as well as one count of being a persistent felony offender.
“She’s somebody we’ve had some history with in the past,” Larry Cleveland, commonwealth attorney for the 48th judicial district, said.
According to Cleveland, Kincaid attempted to use stolen personal, blank checks in a Frankfort Walmart to obtain merchandise totaling about $100 or less.
“Walmart will treat a blank check like a debit card, and that’s what happened here,” Cleveland said.  
Cleveland said he had never seen a charge like this before, a typical forgery felony being classified as the misuse of electronic information.
“It’s in effect, a forgery, and here’s it’s misuse because it committed through the use of a computer system,” he said.
This charge is more serious than a cold check misdemeanor, Cleveland said, because she used another’s person’s checks, rather than her own.
“It’s a case we’ll prosecute and try to achieve the best result we can, for her and the victim,” Cleveland said.
Kincaid was convicted in 2006 of possession of a controlled substance within 1,000 years of school property.
She is currently being held at Franklin County regional jail until her arraignment in about a week’s time.