Wreck jams traffic on Wildcat Road

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By The Staff

Although traffic concerns certainly pale during such a serious accident, traffic nevertheless became a story of its own late Friday afternoon when a woman’s car was hit head-on by a dump truck on Versailles Road.
Cars trying to cross the Kentucky River into Lawrenceburg eventually were backed up as far as Falling Springs in Versailles.
Cars headed from Lawrenceburg to Versailles backed up before eventually being rerouted to the Bluegrass Parkway.
Then there were those who attempted to utilize Wildcat Road, the steep, winding county road that connects Tyrone to Harrodsburg Road in Stringtown.
Wildcat Road, which turns into a one-lane gravel road for just over a mile, became clogged at both ends when cars trying to get from Tyrone to Harrodsburg Road were met by an Anderson County school bus headed the opposite way.
The bus was forced to stop on a steep downhill grade in the one-lane section, and could not back up due to a stalled station wagon behind it.
By then, cars headed toward Harrodsburg Road were backed up at least a mile into Tyrone. Those behind the school bus attempted to back their way about a half mile around the narrow, treacherous curves to turn around.