Yes, Mrs. Clinton, it does matter

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To the editor:
According to Hillary Clinton on the subject of Benghazi, her attitude of “What does it matter?” kind of says it all about many things going on in our government in recent times.
Starting with Benghazi, for many of us who have lost loved ones through violent acts, it does matter how and why it happened, and what could have prevented it. Maybe to Mrs. Clinton these types of things are mundane and just an everyday occurrence. Though I can’t speak for her or her conscience, her remark whether intentional or not was rather callous.
For those of us who have had a loved one taken away so abruptly by violence it does have a rippling affect on our everyday lives and we do care about the circumstances as to what caused our emptiness, so it does matter, Mrs. Clinton! Continuing on with the topic of Benghazi, does it matter that Ambassador Susan Rice has now been promoted to National Security Advisor? I think is should make you question whether the promotion is a deserved one or one due to her loyalty in perpetuating a lie about the attack on the embassy being started by a video when in fact they really did know that it was terrorists no matter who came up with the bogus story.
By creating an untrue story about a video being responsible for starting a riot and attack on the embassy, this was a very dangerous scenario because that in itself could have major problems and repercussions for all of us here and around the world.
As for the IRS does it matter that certain groups were targeted before an election year and just whose idea was it? Does it matter that 50 million taxpayer dollars was spent by the IRS toward entertainment, ads, lodging etc., at conferences rather then possibly training IRS personnel on certain crucial aspects of their job, like tax laws, answering specific taxpayer questions or even monitoring repeated same year/same address refunds to know what monies are going out the door and to whom?
How about the IRS actually doing its job and targeting those in government (including IRS employees) who continually don’t pay their taxes? Yes, I don’t doubt that there are some wonderful caring people at the IRS, but there are also many who are self serving as witnessed in the recent scandals. Are these the same people you want handling certain healthcare laws?
How about Attorney General Eric Holder? Does it matter that he repeatedly lies to the American public? Isn’t it truly amazing that there he sits smugly telling us that he is just an innocent party because he was not aware of certain issues going on in his department even though it should be a big part of his job in office to know these things?
Then we find out that he was just being quite skillful at skirting around the issues, so are they lies or just dodging the truth?
He’s been honing this skill for some time, from his denial of his role in the recommendation of a pardon for Marc Rich during his time under Clinton, to more recent times with Fast and Furious and now the targeting of certain reporters or news organizations.
Don’t know about you but I think if you continually lie to your employer it would be grounds for dismissal, if nothing else. Of course, Holder is not the only one in Washington who conveniently doesn’t know the answers to certain pertinent questions, but then to appease us they say that they will check into it from Jay Carney on up, so one might then ask what are they being paid for if they don’t know what goes on in their own administration?
These are just a few thoughts that should not be categorized as being political as referenced by certain individuals, because these are things that should matter to us as individuals, as Americans, and as decent human beings.
It should make you angry that you are being lied to on a regular basis, watch your tax dollars being spent frivolously by the government and its agencies,  fooled or ignored on certain issues or just plain humored because as they see it, what do we “peons” know anyway? However, it is up to us individually to listen, learn and decide what is important in life and figure out if it is worth letting your voice be heard in whatever peaceful manner best suits you and matches your ideals and values.
As always may God bless all of us and may he continue to watch over this nation.
Susan Rue