Is that you, Jase?

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McGuire wins contest, turning heads as popular ‘Duck Dynasty’ look-alike

By Ben Carlson

Now that her husband is a certified celebrity, it’s safe to say that Jessica McGuire will no longer mind cleaning his beard hair out of the bathroom drain.
But she will have to become accustomed to squealing young girls begging him for photographs, not to mention him being recognized as one of TV’s biggest celebrities.
Brad McGuire, 39, isn’t really Jase Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” fame, but he is the spitting image of Willy’s older brother and proved it by winning a look-alike contest Sunday during the grand opening of a Field and Stream store in Crescent Springs.
“He now has movie star status,” joked his cousin, Regina Ramirez, who was one of a dozen people from Lawrenceburg on hand to cheer him on. “People were stopping him in the parking lot afterward to get their photos made, and two young girls just danced away they were so excited.”
Brad’s transformation into Jase — the quick-witted ring leader of the lovable rednecks in the duck call assembly room who regularly spars with Duck Commander CEO Willie about working conditions and time off to hunt and fish — began when he started growing his annual winter beard last November.
Then his uncle, Shaun Case, turned him onto the wildly popular cable TV show “Duck Dynasty” and Brad decided the beard simply had to stay.
“My uncle Shaun said he couldn’t turn it off, so I watched it,” Brad said, whose own reality is that of a mail carrier for the Kentucky Retirement System. “I saw how crazy these guys are and that most of the time they’re goofing off instead of working.
“At the end they said a prayer and I said, ‘Whoa, what is this?’ They don’t do that on TV these days. Today it’s full of murder and zombies and vampires. I haven’t seen this since the Waltons or Little House on the Prairie.
“I got addicted to it. I let my beard grow over that winter and started looking like him.”
So much so that folks here in Lawrenceburg started looking twice when he walks by.
“One guy came up to me at Hilltop and did a double take,” Brad said. “When I went out into the parking lot he was waiting for me and asked if he could take my picture for his daughter because it would freak her out.”
Then there was the time while visiting his dad who was hospitalized in Cleveland.
“I had kids following me around, whispering and pointing,” Brad said, adding that he really draws second looks while wearing camouflage clothing on weekends.
“Usually the dead giveaway is when I wear the beanie sock hat and sunglasses,” he said. “People really start to look and try to figure out if it’s him.
“It’s fun and it’s a good Christian show. I figured if I wanted to imitate someone, why not that group?”
Brad said others had encouraged him for months to enter a look-alike contest and when he saw an ad for the store’s grand opening, he figured it was the perfect chance to not only enter, but also meet cast members Uncle Si and Jase’s older brother, Alan, who were scheduled to attend.
“It was just an hour and a half away, so I gave it a shot,” said Brad who was joined on the trip by his wife, son Wyatt, daughter Piper, sister Julie Raymond and her son, Jaden, mom Darlene McGuire, uncle Shaun Case, aunt Ann Case and their children Dawson and Haley along with cousin Regina Ramirez.
The group knew that only the first 500 people who showed up would get wristbands to get in line for Uncle Si and Alan autographs and was disappointed to find out they were several hundred people too late.
“There were people camping out the day before,” Brad said.
But when he won the contest, Brad found out that he and the other look-alike winners were to be moved to the front of the line to meet Si and Alan.
“They said I could take a family member with me, but it ended up being all 12 of us from Lawrenceburg,” Brad said
“Alan shook my hand first and said, “Boy, I feel like I’m back down home. You, sir, look dead on like Jase.’
“When I went up to Si he said, ‘Hey, what do you say, Jase?’ I said, ‘Hey, Si,’ and laid out my Bible for him to sign. He said that’s his favorite piece to sign.”
Brad’s cousin, Regina, said it’s no surprise he has so easily transformed himself into Jase.
“He’s a lot like Jase,” she said. “He has the same opinions and attitudes and how he carries himself. He even posed for photos like Jase and was sitting like him.”
That he has assumed the role so fluidly may stem from Brad’s fleeing moments in front of the camera. He was an extra in two films — “Seabiscuit” and “Simpatico” — and also appeared in a commercial for the Kentucky Lottery in 1992, Regina said.
He even has an idea for a future episode of the show that includes look-alikes for Jase, Si, Jep, Godwin and Martin.
The plot, he said, was to have the look-alikes be in the duck call room when Willy arrives while the real men sneak off to go hunting.
Of course the person playing Jase would be Brad.
“He really wants to be on that show,” said Regina.