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These men caught 20 turtles with hands and hooks in the western part of Anderson County and on Buddy Ryan’s farm near Alton. They said the catch ‘em, clean ‘em, cook ‘em and eat ‘em. Pictured from left are: Micky Bond, Westwood; Bobby Elliott, Jenny Lillard Road; and Sam Beasley, Lawrenceburg. Beasley said he’s a world champion turtle cleaner and had an engraved knife from a contest to prove it. He said he can clean one every three minutes.


Thursday, July 22, 1937

The inability of two men to get a car up a steep hill on the cliffs of the Kentucky River out toward Lock Five led to the discovery of what was a moonshine still and 52 barrels of mash and a stolen car.

The recovery of the stolen car came about when a group of young men, who were camping near the Jessie May Lillard Camp, saw two men trying to get a car up the steep hill with little success.