Halloween story These students enjoyed a Halloween story hour and party at the Anderson Public Library in October 1976, conducted by Miss Lin Routt, standing at left, and Mrs. Barbara Cardwell, Frankfort, standing in back. Front from and clockwise were: John Blakemore, David Patrick, Jennie Puckett, Kelly Peach, John Ripy Jr., Bradley Briscoe, Jennie Eckman, Nikkie Higgins, Melanie Willard, Glen Rogers, Todd Drury, Joey Smith, Christi Whitt, Whitney Beasley, Maci Carter, Stacy Sparrow, Elizabeth Cunningham, Lori Eckman, Shea Bruce, Tammy Beasley and Justin Tinsley.


Thursday, Oct. 27, 1966

State and local officers were continuing their investigation of a new car found last Thursday afternoon buried beneath about 15 tons of rock in the rock quarry of the Kentucky Stone Company, near the Kentucky River. The car had been stolen in Frankfort sometime last July and stripped of its motor, transmission, tires and wheels.