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  • 50 YEARS AGO

    Thursday, Sept. 30, 1965

    Foot infection

    Mrs. Hobart Cammack was a patient at the Frankfort hospital from Friday to Wednesday for treatment of a severe foot infection. She had stuck a nail in her foot a couple of weeks before.

    Returned home

    H.L. Thurman returned home from the Veterans Hospital in Louisville where he had been a patient for three weeks for treatment of arthritis.

    Moffett wins award

  • Monday, Jan. 4

    8 a.m.: Coffee with James Tipton

    8:30 a.m.: Yoga

    10:30 a.m.: Identity theft scams with Tony

    11:30 a.m.: Lunch

    1 p.m.: Card Club

    7 p.m.: Rook Club

    Tuesday, Jan. 5

    8:30 a.m.: Breakfast Club

    9 a.m.: Tai Chi

    Exercise, errands, shopping

    Noon: Commodities delivery

    Exercise/card room open

    Wednesday, Jan. 6

    8:30 a.m.: Breakfast Club

    10:30 a.m.: Embracing Life as you age

    11:30 a.m.: Lunch (surveys)

  • By Nancy Kennedy, Faith Columnist

    About three years ago, my friend, a self-named foodie, moved to New York City and would send messages about all the amazing food he ate and even included photos. Last year he thought he died and went to epicurean paradise when he got a job at a public relations firm that handles big name chefs and fabulous restaurants.

    He said he gets paid to eat such awesome food that adjectives haven’t yet been invented to describe its awesomeness.

  • Editor’s note: The following letters were either sent too late for last week’s edition or experienced technical difficulties.

    Dear Santa,

    Our names are Avery and Harper Monroe. We are 4 months old. We are new at this so our big sister Caitlyn is helping us write you. She says we have to be good all year. Mommy and daddy say we have been good girls so far.

    Will you bring us walkers and some fun toys you think we will like. We will leave milk and cookies for you and food for your reindeer too. Be safe as you fly around the world.

  • By Ciara Hyatt, Cooking Columnist

    Over the years I have found that Santa isn’t very picky when it comes to the cookies we leave him.

    I know that because there have been times that I’ve gone to great detail to make him the cutest sugar cookies with decorations and sprinkles all over them and then to the other extreme when I had my son just a week before Christmas and had no time for baking cookies so I ran to the store and got some that I thought he’d like.

  • 50 YEARS AGO

    Thursday, Sept. 23, 1965

    Cinnamon champion reader

    Greg Cinnamon, 7, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gene Cinnamon, was the champion reader in the Summer Reading Club sponsored by the City Library. He read 41 books. Cinnamon had just entered the second grade.

    The Charles T. Hanks twins ranked next. Cathy read 39 and Carol read 36 books. Other superior readers who read at least 20 books were: Jo Curran, Dudley Hanks, Cindy Davis, Jane Brown, Susan Davis and Lydia Brown.

  • By Ciara Hyatt, Cooking Columnist

    A few years ago, I was searching for a Christmas gift for a friend of mine who has everything. Needless to say, I resorted to food.

    And because she is a chocolate lover, I decided to make her some truffles. They turned out to be some of the best truffles I’ve ever eaten.

    They are easy, fun, and a very attractive gift for any chocolate lover, including myself. Not only are they a great gift, but they’re also a perfect treat to serve at a Christmas party.

  • Communion Service at Central Baptist

    Central Baptist Church, located at 1958 US 127 Bypass-North in Lawrenceburg, will have its annual Christmas Candlelight Communion Service on Sunday, Dec. 20 at 6 p.m.

    Central Baptist is located approximately halfway between Frankfort and Lawrenceburg.

    All are welcome.

    For more information call Pastor Rick Clark at 502-317-0903 or 502-829-5015.

    Free clothing days resumes in February