This image shows how close a vehicle came to slamming into Beth Willoughby's home Wednesday afternoon when it went off Alton Road near the caution light. She said witnesses told her the car, filled with teenagers, was 'flying' down the road and swerved to avoid hitting a man flagging traffic or hitting an oncoming tractor-trailer head-on.
Another day, another wreck on Alton Road

For residents in Alton, the hits just keep coming.

Just two days after a tractor-trailer nearly killed a woman walking her dog in her own driveway, a passenger car careened off of Alton Road near the caution light, narrowly missing a family’s home.

Homeowner Beth Willoughby said the vehicle likely went off the road around noon and caused considerable damage to her yard.

She said some construction workers witnessed the incident, but did not get the vehicle’s license plate.