Local News

  • Springate is appointed to fill empty district judge seat

    Betty Springate of Lawrenceburg was appointed to Division I district court judge for the 53rd District court, serving Anderson, Shelby and Spencer counties, Monday of last week.

    Springate’s appointment marks the first time in 30 years a district court judge has resided in Anderson County.

    “It’s an honor to serve Anderson, Shelby and Spencer Counties,” said Springate. “It’s an honor for Anderson County, for even a short period of time, to have their own judge.”

  • News writers are recognized by Society of Professional Journalists

    The Anderson News Sports Editor John Herndon and former News Editor Meaghan Downs were recently honored for the their work by the Society of Professional Journalists, Louisville Chapter.

    Downs was awarded first place in the Best News Story category with her story “Terror, then anger!” The story about a local robbery that appeared in the July 31, 2013 edition of The Anderson News.

  • Lawrenceburg boy learns to play with less at NubAbility Camp

    Evan Peters, 10, of Lawrenceburg learns to play with less at NubAbility camp

    A 10-year-old Lawrenceburg boy spent his weekend building confidence, improving sports skills and learning to play with less and win.

  • Extension Homemakers announce winners of Home, Craft and Garden Fair

    The following people won blue ribbons during the recent 2014 Anderson County Extension Homemakers Home, Craft and Garden Fair:



    Grades 1 – 4:

    Acrylic:  Ellie Yon

    Other Medium:  Rachel Ellis

    Grades 5 – 8:

    Pencil:  Jack Ryan

    Acrylic:  Krista Spaulding

    Other Medium:  Jack Ryan

    Grades 9 – 12:

    Watercolor:  Kaylee Snow

  • Inmate held in contempt for f-bombing judge

    By Ben Carlson

    News staff

    Already languishing in jail on a rash of forgery and criminal possession charges, a Dan Drive man probably figured his day couldn’t get any worse when he appeared last Thursday in Anderson District Court.

    He couldn’t have been more wrong.

    Frustrated after District Court Judge Donna Dutton refused his repeated pleas to turn his $5,000 cash bail into a surety bond so his mother could spring him from jail, William Whetzel, 20, finally told Dutton just exactly what he thought of her refusal.

  • Van smacks house, plows into pond

    From staff reports

    The driver of a van that tore off the corner of a home in the Running Brook Drive subdivision before traveling another 100 yards and coming to rest in a small pond reportedly blacked out during the wreck.

    The unidentified driver appeared uninjured while standing in the driveway at 1081 Running Brook Drive just minutes after the crash as he was being tended to by Anderson County EMS.

    He was later taken into a waited ambulance for further observation.

  • ‘Grinch’s’ finances questioned

    By Ben Carlson

    News staff

    Questions surfaced Thursday about the financial ability of the owner of former Dairy Cheer restaurant to hire her own attorney when she admitted that she receives income and received a hefty settlement, neither of which were included on her application for a public defender.

    Lou Compton, 68, faces 14 charges of theft by deception for allegedly not paying some of her employees and writing bad checks to others just before Christmas in 2011 when the restaurant closed, prompting them to dub her “Dairy Grinch.”

  • One terrific trike

    By Ben Carlson

    News staff

    Dude, that’s one sweet ride.

    Dude, in this case, is Lawrenceburg’s Dude Caldwell, and he’s about to take delivery of a custom trike built nearly from scratch by Garry Wash, owner of Wash’s Cycle, Home of Wild Turkey Chopper in Alton.

  • Cookies with Santa to help low income families

    By Shelley Spillman

    News staff

    Though Blue Grass Community Action is funded through a a federal anti-poverty grant, Melissa Wells-Hanks, Anderson County community developer, said it’s local funds that also help provide a variety of services to Anderson County residents.

    Wells-Hanks said the local fund, which helps pay heating bills, purchase school supplies and other needs for low income families, is getting dangerously low and is primarily generated through fundraisers.

  • Family furious over illegal dumping on Anderson City Road

    By Ben Carlson

    News staff

    A “no dumping” sign at the front of James Phillips’ property apparently isn’t going to be enough to get whomever is trashing it to knock it off.

    “If I catch them, I’m sure there will be trouble,” Phillips said Friday morning while standing alongside a pile of burned debris he said was set fire by those who dumped it.

    “They snuck out here last Monday and set it afire,” he said. “They got wind that someone knew they’d dumped it.”