Local News

  • Firefighters rescue cow stuck in pond

    Anderson County firefighters were able to rescue a cow this afternoon that became stuck in a small pond on Hammond Road.

    The cow was apparently trying to stay clear of an eager bull when it was either knocked into the muddy water or went in while trying to get away, the owner told rescuers.

  • Naked woman in car leads to drug bust on Ballard


    Having a naked woman in your car while it’s parked on Ballard Street will draw the attention of the police.

    Having suspected drugs in your car at the same time will land you behind bars.

    That was the case Monday for a Lawrenceburg man who was charged with trafficking heroin and other related drug charges.

  • Burst water line floods clerk's office


    Employees at the Anderson County Clerk’s Office got a wet welcome when they arrived to work Monday morning to find over an inch of water in a portion of the building and heavy damage to the building’s basement.

    Clerk Jason Denny said some portions of the upstairs — including his office — had an inch or more of water on the floor due to a busted water line.

    Denny said none of the office’s paper records were damaged.

  • Woman gets DUI after being clocked at 107 mph

    A woman who police say was three times the legal limit while driving more than 100 mph on U.S. 127 allegedly threatened to kill a state trooper after he pulled her over.

    Joyce A. Bailey, 39, of 114 Chautauqua St. told the trooper, “I will have my father cut out your (expletive) heart and feed it to the hogs,” according to a criminal citation filed by trooper Tim Mullins, before adding “I will get out of jail and go back to Wyoming and you all will never see me again.”

  • Schools ‘blindsided’ by transgender demands

    An edict from the Obama administration that requires public schools to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms, locker rooms and showers of their choice or risk lawsuits and the loss of federal funds has left school officials here looking for answers and seeking legal advice.

    The mandates were issued last Friday by the U.S. Department of Justice and Department of Education, catching educators across Kentucky off guard and scrambling to figure out how, or if, they should comply.

  • Cops: Mom abandoned infant in parking lot

    From staff reports

    A woman is charged with three felony counts of child abandonment, second-offense DUI, three counts of second-degree wanton endangerment and three counts of possession of heroin-related drug paraphernalia after leaving three young children — including a weeks-old infant — alone in her vehicle for an hour last Wednesday night at the West Park Shopping Plaza in Lawrenceburg.

  • Four charged with murder at Eagle Lake

    Four men are behind bars and two more might soon join them for the October 2015 murder of teenager at Eagle Lake Convention Center.

    Damycal Tre Bolton, 18, was murdered during a late-night party at Eagle Lake when he was shot in the head.

    Charged with complicity in his murder are:

    l Kendall R. Berry, 29

    l Kenneth R. Berry II, 23

    l William L. Edwards, 27

    l Antoine Q. James, 28

    Kendall R. Berry, Kenneth R. Berry and Edwards are all being housed in the Fayette County Detention Center on a $500,000 cash bond.

  • Singing phenom, 11, releases inaugural CD

    When she starts singing it’s sometimes hard to remember Mikaya Taylor is just completing fifth grade at Robert B. Turner Elementary School.

    But the local girl, who has been performing the country and bluegrass music for about a year, might be the perfect mix of youthful exuberance and a maturing voice that is turning heads.

    “Was your day good today?” Taylor asks with a huge smile.

    As she did in November for an interview about her new-found success, Mikaya gives the impression she’s a typical, talkative 11-year-old girl.

  • Anderson 'feels the Bern'


    Sen. Bernie Sanders posted a strong victory in Anderson County in the Democrat presidential primary, knocking off former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by a just over 500 votes.

    Sanders collected 1,649 votes to Clinton’s 1,132.

    Statewide results were not yet available, and all local results were unofficial.

    Republicans held a presidential caucus earlier this year that went to Donald Trump.

  • Voter turnout low in county