Local News

  • Giant boiler arrives for new still at Four Roses


    A giant boiler for the ongoing Four Roses expansion project made its way south on U.S. 127 Bypass this morning, blocking both lanes of traffic as it headed toward the distillery.

    The 100,000-gallon boiler is the first of the major components to arrive at Four Roses, which is constructing a new still to keep up with product demand, according to the plant’s chief operating officer, Ryan Ashley.

    It replaces the plant’s 40,000-gallon boiler.

  • Fire ruins more than just home

    The charred remains of her favorite chair still sat in her front yard Monday morning, a stark reminder of the fire that destroyed Ruby Hardin’s home last Thursday evening on Cedar Brook Road.

    Hardin, 83, was able to escape the blaze without injury, but the fieldstone-construction home and what her son says are irreplaceable mementoes of raising a family were destroyed.

    “She wants for nothing,” said Ruby’s son, Mike Hardin, who grew up in the home. “She’s staying with us in Lexington and is doing fine.

  • May arrests break record, prove costly

    A crime-filled May saw a record number of suspects sent to jail, shattering the county’s already broken inmate housing budget.

    Through Monday, a record 121 suspects had been transported to jail, costing taxpayers what Jailer Joani Clark estimates will be at least $75,000 in inmate housing costs, also a new record.

    “It has been crazy,” Clark said from her office Monday. “I don’t see an end to this anytime soon.”

  • Grave thefts ‘really low’

    A few weeks ago, when yet another grave decoration went missing from her husband Johnie’s gravestone in Lawrenceburg Cemetery, was the last straw for Gertrude Peach.

    “It makes you feel depressed that you can’t put something on someone’s grave,” she said. “It’s meant for them and no one else.”

    The latest theft, of a handmade Styrofoam arrangement Peach made especially for her husband’s headstone, occurred between May 11 and 14.

  • Report: Health insurance costs to skyrocket

    From staff reports

    Anderson County residents are facing the possibility of steep rate hikes for individual health insurance policies and few places to purchase them, according to information released by the Kentucky Health News Network.

  • The gift that just keeps on giving

    When seventh-grader Jude Thompson donated his birthday money to buy books for his former second-grade teacher Heather Chilton’s classroom library, the gesture earned him a hero’s welcome at Emma B. Ward Elementary and praise from his teachers, parents and peers.

    Little did he or anyone else know, but his book donation was about to get a whole lot bigger.

    When Jude’s story hit ‘The Anderson News’ Facebook page April 6, it was read by more than 7,500 people. One of those people was Diana Ahlers of Marietta, Georgia.

  • Man sustains 'significant' injuries when motorcycle collides with tree

    A Lawrenceburg man suffered what first responders described as “significant head and chest injuries” when the motorcycle he was riding earlier this evening smacked into a tree on Ninevah Road.

    People at the scene identified the victim as Dwayne Hawkins, 50, who lives nearby and had to be airlifted to an area hospital. They said that Hawkins’ family had been notified and left the scene shortly after the helicopter transporting him took off.

  • Veterans, fallen honored at Memorial Day service

    Guest speaker Col. Brian Wertzler gave a speech about the history and importance of Memorial Day at the Memorial Day Service at American Legion Fairgrounds Sunday. Veterans and those who gave their lives for our country were honored.

  • Firefighter rescues kitten from house fire

    Firefighter Chelsea Norris rescued a small kitten from the structure fire at 1014 Cedarbrook Road Thursday evening. The kitten was in distress and EMS assisted in giving the kitten oxygen.

  • Family escapes blaze on Cedarbrook

    Ruby Hardin of 1014 Cedarbrook Road, Lawrenceburg escaped a fire that, according to witnesses, started in the den where candles were lit.

    Hardin and others were "sitting outside when the den caught on fire," Glen Barker, Hardin's son-in-law stated.