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  • ‘She loved her family all the way to the end’

    She loved french fries, Huddle House hash browns, but most of all her family.

    Brooklyn Marie Durr, 13, died Saturday at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital following months of complications from heart surgery.

    “She loved her family all to the end,” said Brooklyn’s grandfather, Dudley Davenport. “She was fun-loving and loved everyone she met. She just didn’t know a stranger.

    “You could not know her when you walk into a room, but before you left she’d be giving you a hug.”

  • Gunfire erupts on Harrodsburg Road

    Shots rang out early last Thursday night during a high-speed chase that ended in downtown Lawrenceburg, landing four local men behind bars.

    The incident, which police say involved drugs and money, began just before 6 p.m. at the park-and-ride area near the Bluegrass Parkway when an argument broke out. It ended when police captured the suspects near Lawrenceburg Supply on Court Street.

    Arrested were: Shelby Waford, 32, of 133 Waterfill St.; Giles Bullock, 30, of 6017 Jeffrey Court; Michael C. Rice, 27, of 223 Horn Drive; and Cody Lutz, 23, of 1046 Seascape Lane.

  • Some ‘men’ could use a swift kick in the can

    Column as I see ’em …

    The four men — I use the term loosely because real men don’t behave this way — involved in the alleged shooting spree on Harrodsburg Road last Thursday should all get a chance to redeem themselves.

    Well, maybe not all of them.

    I know almost nothing of Giles Bullock, Cody Lutz and Michael Rice or their criminal backgrounds outside of what happened last Thursday, when they were involved in a two-vehicle chase that featured Rice allegedly shooting at another vehicle as they entered the city.

  • Enough with the tweets, golf, Winter White House

    In an opening scene of “It’s A Wonderful Life,” George Bailey sits at the dinner table with his father, frustrated, arguing about what does and does not make for a good life. They seem so far apart. Then George goes quiet and says, “Pop, you want a shock? I think you’re a great guy.”

    Like George Bailey, I’ve got a shock for you. In recent gatherings with friends — Republicans and Democrats both — we have not only discussed politics, we have come to a few easy agreements. We’ve even laughed.

  • Try companion planting this spring

    When all else fails, go play in the dirt. Seriously, sometimes we just need to get our hands dirty to feel better.

    Soil has mycobacterium vaccae, and this stuff is like Prozac 2.0. Not only does it boost your serotonin levels (the feel-good stuff) it also increases your brain’s ability to learn while at the same time reducing stress.

    So next time you’re feeling a little down, go play in the dirt. If you need some just let me know and I’ll give you directions to the farm.

  • Bills address coal jobs, opioids and child abuse

    You will often notice that bills coming through the Kentucky General Assembly put people first. That person may be a child, a worker in need of a job, or a young adult living in a community plagued by criminal activity and drug abuse. All are important in the eyes of Kentucky lawmakers.

  • Edwards defends Rotary speech contest title


    Annie Edwards, 18, defended her title by winning last Thursday’s speech contest, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Lawrenceburg.

    “This is a wonderful community service project that Rotary does, and I wanted to take part in it,” she said.

    Her brother, Luke Edwards, 16, finished second, followed by Sophie Etherington, 17, in third.

  • Cast and crew of ‘Cinderella’ prepare for opening night

    By Brittany Fuller

    News staff

    Anderson County High School is busy rehearsing for their spring musical which is set to open next Friday, March 17. This year the students will perform “Cinderella.”

    The cast of the musical will hold a meet-and-greet March 11 from 10 a.m. to noon. At the high school. Children can have their pictures taken with Cinderella, dance with the prince and play games with members of the cast.

  • ’Lectric Legends prepping for Super Regional meet in Iowa

    The ’Lectric Legends have been competing for three years, and just won first place in The Tech Challenge Kentucky Championship. They will go on to compete against 72 teams at The Super Regional Competition this month in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. This competition will take place from March 30 - April 1.

    The ’Lectic Legends meets every Monday from 9:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m where they work, build, and strategize what is next for their team. Some group members have been together since 2010 after attending the same home school group where they became friends.

  • Man charged with burglary after stealing $2 in change

    A Lawrenceburg man remained behind bars Monday for allegedly stealing $2 from a residence on Avenstoke Road, according to court documents.

    Jacob C. Browning, 25, of 1366 Buntain School Road, was arrested last Thursday on a charge of second-degree burglary and ordered held on $10,000 cash bail.

    According to a warrant for his arrest, Browning kicked in the back door of the Avenstoke Road residence and stole approximately $2 in change from a box in the home’s master bedroom.