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  • Edwards named district runner-up in annual Rotary speech contest

    Public speaking can be horrifying for some people, but not for Annie Edwards. The 17-year-old was recently named runner-up at the district level of the annual Rota-ry speech contest.

    Edwards advanced to the district level after winning the club, sectional, and re-gional titles. “It was pretty exciting. I was in awe,” she said. “There were lots of good speakers, so it was satisfying to be called number one.”

  • Gas line ruptured on Walker Lane

    A car struck and ruptured a natural gas line Sunday morning, forcing the closure of a portion of Walker Lane and nearby residents to shelter inside. An employee with Atmos Energy was able to shut off the gas without incident, and the road was reopened around 11:45 a.m. Above, Emergency Management Director Bart Powell examines the broken gas line. No injuries were reported.

  • ‘He was part of our family’

    Anderson County honored one of its own last Friday when the Transportation Cabinet named a portion of U.S. 127 in honor of the late Logann Driskell.

    Driskell, who worked his way up the ranks to Highway Superintendent I at the state’s Anderson County Maintenance Facility, was just 30 years old when he lost his life in a motor vehicle accident on Wildcat Road just before Christmas in 2014.

  • Drive-by shooting suspects sought

    Lawrenceburg police are searching for what Chief Chris Atkins is calling a “list” of suspects in a drive-by shooting that rattled the Lincoln Street neighborhood early Friday morning.

    Shots rang out around 12:30 a.m. at 322 Lincoln St., with at least two bullets hitting the home and one punching a hole through the front door and into the family’s couch.

    As of Monday, no one had been arrested.

    Tristian Bean and his mother Lisa were home at the time, according to a family member who declined to be named, but neither were injured.

  • Buddy Ryan comes home

    Anderson County was just home to Buddy Ryan.

    While most of the world knew him as a brilliant football strategist, many around Anderson County knew the guy who would just as soon be chatting about his horses while sipping a cup of coffee at McDonald’s as talking about a blitz package on ESPN.

    The world knew Ryan as the mastermind behind the “46” defense. People around Alton, where Buddy lived for more than 20 years, also knew him as the regular at Smith’s Grocery, where a sandwich was named in his honor.

  • Three middle schoolers charged with vandalism

    Three Anderson County Middle School students have been detained and are expected to face criminal charges for vandalism at the county park, The Anderson News has confirmed.

    Their names are not being released because of their ages.

    The suspects caused considerable damage at the park June 27, including spray painting graphic language on the walls of several park buildings and kicking in doors.

    The juveniles are expected to be charged with first-degree criminal mischief, second-degree burglary and trespassing.

  • Man carves bowl from tree once climbed by Hellen Keller

    When Marty Terry and his family visited Helen Keller’s birthplace in Tuscumbia, Alabama last year, they left with a piece of history.

    As they were departing the 640-acre Ivy Green, as it’s known, Terry noticed groundskeepers downing a tree on the property and asked for a few of the logs to bring back to Lawrenceburg. He had a friend in mind that might be interested in them.

  • Woman charged with DUI with grandchildren in car

    A woman with her grandchildren in a vehicle was charged with being nearly three times the legal last Tuesday afternoon when she was stopped by officer Brian Brashears of the Lawrenceburg Police Department.

    Pamela G. Perkins, 52, of 131 Sunrise Lane, Lancaster faces charges of DUI, no license, no insurance, failure to wear a seat belt and failure to have children properly restrained in her vehicle.

    The children, ages 8 and 10, were turned over to a family member who came to get them.

  • Sprague graduates, excels at Air Force Academy

    From staff reports

    To say Lawrenceburg native Matt Sprague excelled at the U.S. Air Force Academy would be a bit of an understatement.

    The former Bearcat football standout graduated from the academy earlier this month, where he earned numerous honors in academics, athletics and for his military presence.

    “He did very well,” said his father, Jeff. “His mom Linda and I are very proud of him.”

    As well they should be.

  • Car hydroplanes, flips on U.S. 62

    A Lawrenceburg woman emerged shaken but uninjured when her car flipped over this afternoon on U.S. 62 near Powell Taylor Road.

    Angel Stumph, 21, was on her way to work at Bourbon Street on Main when she rounded the corner near Powell Taylor Road, hydroplaned and ended up upside down in a steep ditch just off the shoulder of U.S. 62.

    “I came around the turn and started sliding,” she said. “I saw the guardrail and hydroplaned and saw the rock wall coming.

    “I saw the airbag come out. That’s all I remember.”