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  • Four charged with murder at Eagle Lake

    Four men are behind bars and two more might soon join them for the October 2015 murder of teenager at Eagle Lake Convention Center.

    Damycal Tre Bolton, 18, was murdered during a late-night party at Eagle Lake when he was shot in the head.

    Charged with complicity in his murder are:

    l Kendall R. Berry, 29

    l Kenneth R. Berry II, 23

    l William L. Edwards, 27

    l Antoine Q. James, 28

    Kendall R. Berry, Kenneth R. Berry and Edwards are all being housed in the Fayette County Detention Center on a $500,000 cash bond.

  • Singing phenom, 11, releases inaugural CD

    When she starts singing it’s sometimes hard to remember Mikaya Taylor is just completing fifth grade at Robert B. Turner Elementary School.

    But the local girl, who has been performing the country and bluegrass music for about a year, might be the perfect mix of youthful exuberance and a maturing voice that is turning heads.

    “Was your day good today?” Taylor asks with a huge smile.

    As she did in November for an interview about her new-found success, Mikaya gives the impression she’s a typical, talkative 11-year-old girl.

  • Anderson 'feels the Bern'


    Sen. Bernie Sanders posted a strong victory in Anderson County in the Democrat presidential primary, knocking off former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by a just over 500 votes.

    Sanders collected 1,649 votes to Clinton’s 1,132.

    Statewide results were not yet available, and all local results were unofficial.

    Republicans held a presidential caucus earlier this year that went to Donald Trump.

  • Voter turnout low in county
  • Fourth man charged in 2015 murder at Eagle Lake


    A fourth man has been charged in the October 2015 murder that took place at Eagle Lake Convention Center.

    Antoine Q. James, 28, currently an inmate at the Blackburn Correctional Complex, has been charged with murder for what police say was his role in the October 2015 murder of Damycal Tre Bolton, 18, during an after-hours party in Lawrenceburg.

    Bolton was shot in the head and pronounced dead at the scene.

  • Tipton addresses Fiscal Court

    State Rep. James Tipton gave a legislative update during last Tuesday’s fiscal court meeting, saying the legislature’s moves to shore up state retirements funds “was a good step forward” and was one of his top priorities heading into the session.

    Tipton also provided an update on Highway 151, the dangerous stretch of state highway that is the subject of a lawsuit filed by Alton residents.

    Tipton said he met with the state’s transportation secretary and that money to significantly upgrade the highway has been approved.

  • Coroner claims ‘moral, legal victory’ over bills

    The Anderson County Fiscal Court voted to pay bills submitted by Coroner Dr. Mark Tussey more than a month after a magistrate called his spending “irresponsible.”

    Magistrates paid the bills after tabling them in March, but not before two of them expressed their frustration that Tussey does not attend meetings and give them reports.

    “Can we draw up an ordinance to make him come to a meeting a month?” Magistrate Kenny Barnett asked County Attorney Bobbi Jo Lewis.

    “No, you can’t do that,” Lewis said. “

  • Woman jailed for DUI, abandonment after leaving small children in parking lot


    A woman is charged with felony child abandonment, DUI, wanton endangerment and possession of heroin-related drug paraphernalia after leaving three young children — including a weeks-old infant — alone in her vehicle last night at the West Park Shopping Plaza in Lawrenceburg.

    Erica Tracy, 23, of 5975 U.S. 127 South, Frankfort left the children alone for what an eyewitness told police was 45 minutes to an hour while she was in the Dollar General store.

  • Fiscal court raids swimming pool fund


    The Anderson County Fiscal Court voted last Tuesday to drain $125,000 from a fund created several years ago that was earmarked to build a swimming pool in the county park.

    Judge-Executive Orbrey Gritton said the money will be used to help balance the county’s proposed 2016-17 budget, which he characterized as “extremely tight.”

  • ‘Gun’ mention at high school triggers police investigation

    A student uttered the word “gun” during a verbal altercation last Thursday afternoon at Anderson County High School, sparking an investigation by police and a firestorm on social media.

    “No gun or weapon of any kind was found on school property and no students were ever in danger,” said Superintendent Sheila Mitchell.