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  • Cop busts two for pretending to be him

    A Lawrenceburg man’s effort to impress a young woman by pretending to be Lawrenceburg police officer Clay Crouch came to an end when Crouch charged both of them with felonies.
    Christopher C. Puckett, 19, of 1126 Hammond Lane and Charla Brock, 20, of 1048 Butler Drive were each charged with impersonating a peace officer and are scheduled to be arraigned Thursday morning in Anderson District Court.

  • Next step? Embarrass state officials

    By Ben Carlson
    News staff
    Just days after another tractor-trailer wreck caused significant damage to his property, Alton resident Tom Isaac is vowing to make sure anyone who travels Alton Road knows just exactly who to blame.
    “This is an indictment against the state government,” Isaac said after the truck tore up his property and damaged a lengthy section of fence. “This is an indictment against ineptness, callousness and indifference.”

  • City puts splash park on hold

    Children looking to get wet in the city’s new splash park this summer will likely have to wait until next year to do so.
    City officials hoped to have the $150,000 park up and running by Memorial Day, but said Monday that a delay in receiving a $60,000 federal grant has placed the project on hold for at least a year.
    “Odds are it will be postponed until next year,” City Administrator Robbie Hume said. “Until we get a memorandum of agreement, we can’t even prepare the site.”

  • Health board votes to lease out Family Care Clinic

    Public Health Director Tim Wright gave health board members two options Monday night regarding its fledgling Family Care Clinic: shut it down or lease it.
    The board unanimously opted for the latter and agreed to lease the facility to Cumberland Family Medical, which will pay $5,000 a month to operate the clinic inside of the health department.
    The clinic, which initially opened in late 2014 to meet the growing needs of Medicaid patients, was seeing plenty of patients but not able to sustain its own costs.

  • Suspect knocks down 4-year-old, pushes woman while fleeing

    A Lawrenceburg man allegedly knocked down a 4-year-old child after pushing a female Walmart employee as he attempted to flee with a stolen television set, according to police reports.
    Joseph Caputo, 35, of 252 Meadowview Drive is charged with second-degree robbery for the incident, which took place Saturday morning.
    According to a report filed by Lawrenceburg Police officer Jamie Dunn, Caputo passed each the store’s checkout lanes without paying for the 40-inch TV set, which was valued at $240.

  • Jail budget soars as drug use escalates

    Taxpayers are quickly joining addicts and their families in paying a steep price for illegal drug use.
    The county’s proposed jail budget for the next fiscal year calls for an additional $83,000 in spending, a 10-percent increase that officials say is directly related to skyrocketing arrests and treatment of those using heroin, methamphetamine and other narcotics.

  • Senior companion provides joy, comfort

    “I get lonely out here by myself,” 90-year-old Betty Flowers said.
    Her home is nestled into the hills of Anderson County, down several single lane roads. Even though her son lives next door and checks on her every night, Flowers said the days can be long. “If needed, I’d like to have someone out here,” she added.
    After accidentally causing a kitchen fire, Flowers’ sons (Jim and Sam) barred her from the kitchen. “I’m not allowed in there anymore,” she said. “They’re scared I’ll fall.”

  • Sweet 16 dream comes to an end

    Bearcat players hang their heads as their improbable post-season run came to an end Tuesday night when South Oldham defeated Anderson County 81-44 in the championship game of the Eighth Region Tournament at Henry County High School. The Bearcats surprised nearly everyone by defeating regional favorite Oldham County in the semifinals (Story, C1), but came up short in their march to the Sweet 16. Check back here and in the March 16 edition of The Anderson News for complete coverage of regional championship game.

  • Anderson County Republicans flock to caucus

    Anderson County Republicans wasted no time today making sure their voices were heard in today’s presidential caucus.

    A large crowd of caucus-goers braved cold, rainy conditions outside of Anderson County High School, some lining up two hours before the caucus opened its doors at 10 a.m.

    “We had a huge crowd of people waiting to get in,” said Dave Disponett, chairman on the Anderson County Republican Party. “When we opened the doors, we had 150 people come in at once.”

  • Feds indict man for dumping human waste into Wildcat Creek

    A federal grand jury has indicted a man for illegally dumping an estimated 1,000 gallons of raw sewage into Wildcat Creek, The Anderson News has confirmed.

    David Christopher Giles was indicted Friday for violations of the Federal Clean Water Act for allegedly dumping sewage into the creek, which serves as a tributary to the Kentucky River near Tyrone.

    The dumping occurred in December of 2012.

    Giles reportedly lived in Tyrone at the time of the incident and was working as a septic tank installer in Versailles.