Local News

  • Boo birds, supporters greet McConnell

    Hundreds of protesters gathered here Tuesday afternoon to shout their displeasure at Sen. Mitch McConnell, who was in town to speak at the Andeson County Chamber of Commerce luncheon.

    McConnell’s motorcade blew past the large crowd gathered in the American Legion park, and later ignored questions from protesters who managed to get tickets into the sold-out luncheon.

  • School district yanks students from McConnell event over protest concerns

    High school students scheduled to meet and ask questions of Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell during his visit here Tuesday will not be allowed to attend due to concerns over a protest being organized by the Kentucky Democratic Committee, Superintendent Sheila Mitchell has confirmed.

    Similar concerns also played a role in the event being moved from the county park to a fenced-in area inside of the American Legion, according to Pam Brough, president of the Anderson County Chamber of Commerce, which is hosting the sold-out event.

  • Democrats organizing anti-McConnell rally here

    Disparaging remarks about Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s physical appearance and about his wife, Transportation Cabinet Secretary Elaine Chao, can be seen on a Facebook page hosted by the Kentucky Democratic Party calling for people to protest McConnell’s appearance here Tuesday.

    The page includes a post from a person who claims his past actions would likely prevent him from getting into the event.

  • Two jailed after troopers find meth, pot, pills

    When a Willisburg man was busted last Tuesday night, police found a cache of drugs, including some shoved down his pants.

    Thomas Combs, 36, was a passenger in a vehicle that was pulled over by trooper Gerry Milam of the Kentucky State Police. When Milam and fellow trooper Don McCormick searched the vehicle, they allegedly found a treasure trove of methamphetamine, marijuana and illegal prescription drugs before taking him to jail.

  • Police seize 10 pounds of weed, $10,000 cash during Dove Drive bust

    There isn’t as much marijuana in Lawrenceburg as there used to be after police confiscated an estimated 10 pounds from a suspected indoor growing operation last Thursday afternoon on Dove Drive.

    Police arrested Kelly Moore, 41, of 109 Dove Drive following a lengthy investigation, according to a citation issued by Det. Jeremy Cornish of the Lawrenceburg Police Department.

    “It was a major indoor grow operation,” said Cornish. “We confiscated 8 to 10 pounds of high-potency weed with an estimated street value of $40,000.”

  • Woman charged with DUI, attempting to punch cop

    An Alton Station Road woman was jailed Tuesday morning after police found her passed out with her vehicle running on Secretariat Drive.

    Heather Hume, 36, allegedly became combative with police after they arrested her for driving under the influence, according to a citation.

    At one point she allegedly attempted to punch officer Nathan Doty of the Lawrenceburg Police Department after he arrived as backup.

    Officer C. Carney found Hume hunched over the steering wheel of her car around 7:30 Tuesday morning. He said the vehicle was running at the time.

  • Walnut Street man charged with rape

    A Lawrenceburg man remained behind bars Tuesday after being charged with raping a child under the age of 14, according to an arrest warrant on file in Anderson District Court.

    Steven Joshua Logan, 33, of 322 Walnut St. is charged with second-degree rape and second-degree sodomy for incidents that allegedly occurred late last year.

    According to the arrest warrant signed by trooper Rob Wood of the Kentucky State Police, Logan allegedly committed rape and sodomy between Nov. 1 2016 and Dec. 7 2016 at an undisclosed location in Anderson County.

  • Police seize meth, heroin, guns on Alford Road

    A routine traffic stop last week yielded what Sheriff Joe Milam called a “pretty good lick” in fighting drug sales in Anderson County.

    Stuart Goodlett, 34, of 206 Forrest Drive faces numerous drug charges after a passenger involved in a traffic stop allegedly told police that drugs found in the vehicle belonged to him.

    Deputy Patrick Beasley of the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office pulled over a vehicle and was granted permission to search it, according to a citation issued by trooper Gerry Milam of the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office.

  • Blaylock to open Nashville on the Green

    Country music singer J.D. Shelburne has announced that Hannah Blaylock will be the opening act for the Nashville on The Green concert to be held in Lawrenceburg on Saturday, May 12.

    Blaylock was a founding member of the group “Edens Edge” before going leaving the group in 2013. Her final appearance with the group was at the Grand Ole Opry. Edens Edge had a pair of hits on the country music Top 40 charts before Blaylock left, explaining that “dreams and visions change.”

    Shelburne has known Blaylock for several years.

  • Local gun shop has exclusive rights for Safety Bullet

    There has never been a safe bullet.
    Until now, that is, and in Kentucky, Lawrenceburg is the only place to buy them.
    Kenny Barnett Jr., owner of Fully Loaded on Hickory Grove Road, has exclusive rights in Kentucky to sell Safety Bullet, the aptly named product which looks like actual ammunition but is designed to keep handguns from being fired by children or intruders without locking them up in safes or using trigger locks.