Local News

  • Burglary suspect found snoozing on victims’ couch

    A Lawrenceburg man was arrested on burglary charges early Sunday morning after allegedly kicking in the front door of a residence on Copperfield Drive and falling asleep on a couch.

    Jacob P. Cunningham, 20, of 258 Goodlett Road was apparently drunk when he kicked down the door, according to Anderson County Sheriff’s deputy Cody Slone.

    “He was quite drunk,” Slone said. “He said he thought he was at friend’s house when I woke him up and kept saying he didn’t kick in the door, but he did.”

  • Warm weather now could prove ‘devastating’

    Basking in the low 70s in February seems great now, but experts are warning there will be a heavy price to pay later this year if, as expected, winter makes a vengeful return.

    “I’m very concerned,” said Tommy Yankey, a natural sciences and agriculture agent at the Anderson County Extension office.

    “Mother Nature has a way of getting even.”

  • Better, cleaner animal shelter

    Anderson County’s animal shelter was declared among the state’s worst a year ago, but that almost certainly isn’t the case anymore.

    “I would encourage them to come out and check it out again,” said Judge-Executive Orbrey Gritton. “That would be great … go right ahead.”

    The shelter ranked 17th worse in the state, according to information released following a statewide study titled the Current Status of Kentucky County Shelters, conducted by six students from the University of Kentucky and Lincoln Memorial College.

  • Meth bust lands four behind bars

    Two men and two woman were arrested Saturday night on methamphetamine charges.

    Derek L. Cooper, 26, of 307 Center St., John Russell, 48, of 1779 U.S. 127 Bypass, and Donna Williams, 51, of 1081 Johnson Road were charged around 2:30 Saturday morning when an Anderson County Sheriff’s deputy spotted the two men stopped alongside U.S. 127, standing outside of a van.

  • Trump supporter, protester clash during McConnell visit


    A largely peaceful visit by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell included some late fireworks Tuesday when a Lawrenceburg physician and avid Trump supporter exchanged heated words with protesters.

    Dr. Andrew Bustin, a member of the Anderson County Board of Health, got into the exchange with Louisville resident Lisa Tobe before being escorted toward the door by Sheriff Joe Milam.

    The exchange came inside of Legion Hall just moments after McConnell finished taking questions from the audience.

  • Boo birds, supporters greet McConnell

    Hundreds of protesters gathered here Tuesday afternoon to shout their displeasure at Sen. Mitch McConnell, who was in town to speak at the Andeson County Chamber of Commerce luncheon.

    McConnell’s motorcade blew past the large crowd gathered in the American Legion park, and later ignored questions from protesters who managed to get tickets into the sold-out luncheon.

  • School district yanks students from McConnell event over protest concerns

    High school students scheduled to meet and ask questions of Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell during his visit here Tuesday will not be allowed to attend due to concerns over a protest being organized by the Kentucky Democratic Committee, Superintendent Sheila Mitchell has confirmed.

    Similar concerns also played a role in the event being moved from the county park to a fenced-in area inside of the American Legion, according to Pam Brough, president of the Anderson County Chamber of Commerce, which is hosting the sold-out event.

  • Democrats organizing anti-McConnell rally here

    Disparaging remarks about Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s physical appearance and about his wife, Transportation Cabinet Secretary Elaine Chao, can be seen on a Facebook page hosted by the Kentucky Democratic Party calling for people to protest McConnell’s appearance here Tuesday.

    The page includes a post from a person who claims his past actions would likely prevent him from getting into the event.

  • Two jailed after troopers find meth, pot, pills

    When a Willisburg man was busted last Tuesday night, police found a cache of drugs, including some shoved down his pants.

    Thomas Combs, 36, was a passenger in a vehicle that was pulled over by trooper Gerry Milam of the Kentucky State Police. When Milam and fellow trooper Don McCormick searched the vehicle, they allegedly found a treasure trove of methamphetamine, marijuana and illegal prescription drugs before taking him to jail.

  • Police seize 10 pounds of weed, $10,000 cash during Dove Drive bust

    There isn’t as much marijuana in Lawrenceburg as there used to be after police confiscated an estimated 10 pounds from a suspected indoor growing operation last Thursday afternoon on Dove Drive.

    Police arrested Kelly Moore, 41, of 109 Dove Drive following a lengthy investigation, according to a citation issued by Det. Jeremy Cornish of the Lawrenceburg Police Department.

    “It was a major indoor grow operation,” said Cornish. “We confiscated 8 to 10 pounds of high-potency weed with an estimated street value of $40,000.”