Local News

  • Mayor’s vote keeps golf carts off city streets

    Those holding out hope to cruise city streets on golf carts can forget about it.
    Mayor Edwinna Baker killed the idea following a tie vote Monday night from the Lawrenceburg City Council.
    Following debate between council members for and against the idea, Baker said she hadn’t received a single call to city hall about the ordinance, which passed last month on first reading. Baker also cited a survey in which respondents said they would be nervous about having golf carts travel city streets.

  • ‘She’s a hero’

    The burglar knew he had easy access through an unlocked downstairs window.
    The burglar knew he could sneak around the house unnoticed because it was 3 a.m. and everyone inside was asleep.
    The burglar knew plenty, but he didn’t know that a gritty 14-year-old girl and her dog, Harley, would shoo him from the house empty handed.

  • Water rates, city’s payroll both go up

    Taking a shower and paying city employees got more expensive for taxpayers Monday night after the Lawrenceburg City Council approved water, sewer and pay increases.
    The council voted to raise water and sewer rates 7.4 percent, and to give employees a 1.5 percent pay increase starting in July.
    The pay increase was unanimous, and only Councilman Paul Thomas Vaughn voted against the water and sewer increase.

  • This time, alleged puppy killer indicted

    The man accused of brutally killing an 8-month-puppy didn’t walk away scot-free after all.
    The Anderson County Grand Jury indicted Paul “Doobie” Dearinger last Tuesday morning on a second-degree misdemeanor charge of cruelty to animals for his alleged roll in stomping on the puppy then setting it on fire last September following an argument with his girlfriend.
    A different grand jury declined to indict Dearinger late last year on a felony charge for the same crime.

  • Beasmore seeks $1.5M in sex device, porn suit

    Fired county employee Lea Beasmore is seeking $1.5 million in her sexual harassment lawsuit against the fiscal court, according to documents recently filed in Anderson Circuit Court.
    Those documents also reveal the names of likely witnesses for the trial scheduled to begin next month— including one notable surprise — and a demand from the county’s attorney for Beasmore to admit she e-mailed a photo of a topless female to a coworker.

  • Local man found dead in Ohio

    A Lawrenceburg man and his brother were found dead in Ohio, according to a story that appeared Monday on the website, Cincinnati.com.
    Michael Lewis, 48, of Lawrenceburg, and his brother, Kenneth, 36, of Georgetown were found dead inside a home in Clermont County, Ohio, the website reported.
    Police went to the home, which was being renovated, to check on the men after family members reported not hearing from them.
    The website reported that police suspect the deaths were accidental, possibly the result of carbon monoxide poisoning.

  • County officials vent to court over ‘rude’ jailer

    Anderson County Jailer Joani Clark says she has had enough of Franklin County’s jailer, and is considering moving inmates to Shelby County.
    Clark revealed the problems she is having with Jailer Billy Roberts during last Tuesday morning’s meeting of the Anderson County Fiscal Court.
    “We’ve had numerous problems and it’s getting on my last nerve,” Clark said during her department head report. “I’m getting a proposal from Shelby County.”

  • Accused teen rapist pleads not guilty

    The man accused of raping a 15-year-old girl while she was unconscious was arraigned Tuesday morning in Anderson Circuit Court and entered a plea of not guilty.
    Jeffrey Wayne Knight, 18, of 1282 Aaron Barnett Road, was indicted Feb. 22 by the Anderson County Grand Jury. He is charged with first-degree rape of a person incapable of consent/physically helpless.
    Knight allegedly got the victim high on marijuana and drunk on whiskey last Nov. 12 at an address in Lawrenceburg.

  • We're lazy

    Doing a deep knee bend to pick up the remote control doesn’t count, nor does waddling to the fridge for another slab of pie or a Bud Light.

    But for an unhealthy number Anderson County residents those examples are as close to exercise as they get, and their laziness hadn’t gone unnoticed. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted a three-year study of Anderson County adults’ exercise habits and the results show that we’re lazier than the state average and much lazier than the national average.

  • Parks and rec director dies

    The man whose name was synonymous with youth sports in Anderson County has died.

    Chip Bishop, 49, died early Monday morning at Central Baptist Hospital in Lexington following a brief illness.

    Born Leslie Howard Bishop but known as Chip, Bishop served as director of the Anderson County Parks and Recreation Department for the past 27 years.

    Judge-Executive John Wayne Conway said replacing him won’t be easy.

    “People always say that anyone can be replaced, but it’s going to be hard to replace Chip Bishop,” Conway said.