Local News

  • Protection order missing in murder-suicide case

    Nelson County officials say they don’t have the emergency protection order that officials here insist was returned to them in the case of an apparent murder-suicide involving a 21-month-old child.

    The child, Cole Lance Frazier, was apparently shot and killed by his father, Timothy L. Frazier, 28, on May 26 in the Nelson County city of Bardstown. The father then turned a gun on himself.

  • District court proceedings

    Judge Donna Dutton heard the following cases during Anderson District Court proceedings March 2.

    Japeth E. Cook, arraignment, custodial interference, distribution of obscene material to minors -- pleaded not guilty, preliminary hearing March 12.

    Aaron Haines, arraignment, second-degree assault (domestic violence) -- pleaded not guilty, preliminary hearing March 12.

    William V. Richardson, review, operating a motor vehicle under the influence, possession of marijuana -- work release approved.

  • Drury wants to be first female judge-executive

    Edwinna Baker became the city’s first female mayor two years ago, and now a woman is gunning to become the county’s first female judge-executive.

    Donna Drury confirmed Monday afternoon that she is running as a non-registered independent for judge-executive when the election is held next November.

    “Yes, I am,” she said. “I sent out letters to my friends and family telling them that I’m running, and joked that Anderson County might not be ready for a woman to be judge, but maybe it’s time.”

  • Police under fire after toddler murdered

    A 21-month-old who was apparently shot by his father should have never been in the man’s custody, according to attorney Marie Hellard, who is representing the child’s mother.

    Timothy L. Frazier, 28, and his son, Cole Lance Frazier, were found dead at 110 Tree Top Drive in Bardstown on May 26. Their deaths are being investigated as a murder-suicide, according to Nelson County Coroner Field Houghlin.

    The child’s mother is Candice Dempsey of Lawrenceburg.

  • Pit bulls given a reprieve

    Owning a pit bull in Anderson County won’t become more difficult if a committee seated to help the county create an updated dog ordinance gets its way.

    The committee met for nearly five hours last Thursday afternoon, but immediately made it clear that the majority of its members would not support breed specific legislation.

    “My agenda here is to not have breed specific legislation passed,” said committee member and veterinarian Aaron Goodpaster. “That would create more hate and discontent than anyone could imagine.”

  • Teacher suspended on student's complaint

    An Anderson County High School teacher has been suspended with pay following a complaint lodged by a student.

    The teacher’s name and the nature of the complaint are not being released, Superintendent Kim Shaw said Monday afternoon.

    The teacher was suspended May 21, Shaw said, a couple of days after the unidentified student lodged the complaint.

  • Living for the good days

    Michael Bishop has good days and bad days.

    On his good days, you’ll find the 5-year-old outside playing with his trucks, camping or fishing.

    On his bad days, he’ll be inside, weak and without the energy to do the things he loves.

    Michael, son of Terri and James Bishop, was diagnosed with leukemia in September 2007.

    His cancer is in remission now, but the maintenance stage still keeps his parents guessing as to which days will be the good ones.

    The week of Michael’s diagnosis is one his mother, Terri, won’t forget.

  • First Presbyterian Church welcomes new minister

    One of the oldest churches in the county is headed in a younger direction.

    Pete Jones, 29, became the pastor of First Presbyterian Church on May 1.

    The fact that church members sought out someone young to be their pastor, “says a lot about the direction they wanted to go,” Jones said.

    One of Jones’s goals for the church is to “open our doors” to the community and show community members that Christianity is also about having fun, he said.

  • City officer injured during foot chase on Parkway

    A Lawrenceburg police officer was injured late Friday afternoon while chasing a suspect who fled on foot on the Bluegrass Parkway.

    Officer Jeremy Cornish sustained an arm injury when he fell while chasing the suspect.

    Lt. Chris Atkins of the Lawrenceburg Police Department said Cornish was taken to a hospital for treatment. He said Cornish had a cast on his arm Monday, but X-rays were negative.

    “He’s going to the doctor today to make sure there are no torn ligaments or anything,” Atkins said Tuesday morning.

  • Demolition derby, truck pull added to fair

    The Lawrenceburg Fair and Horse Show will include a host of new features this year.

    Added will be a diesel truck pull featuring five classes, and a demolition derby.

    The truck pull is scheduled for June 22 at 7:30 p.m. The demolition derby is scheduled for June 23 at 7:30 p.m. Local entrants are encouraged, organizers said.

    Other new attractions will include a clown act that will perform two shows each night and mingle with the crowd between shows.