Local News

  • ‘You never forget fallen comrades’

    William P. Earlywine was one of 220 American soldiers who entered a 21-day battle during the Korean War, and one of only 20 who survived it.

  • Man forced to eat his own beard

    A Lawrenceburg man accused of cutting off another man’s beard and forcing him to eat it is scheduled to be sentenced Nov. 16 in Anderson Circuit Court.

  • ‘Tickle game’ suspect to be sentenced

    A Lawrenceburg man who is charged with sexually abusing a first-grader is scheduled for sentencing Nov. 16 in Anderson Circuit Court.

  • Accused rapist in court Tuesday

    A Lawrenceburg man accused of raping a 13-year-old is scheduled for a disposition hearing Nov. 16 in Anderson Circuit Court.

  • Grandma burning suspect pleads to judge for mercy

    The woman charged with attempting to murder her grandmother by burning down her house is scheduled to appear Nov. 16 for a disposition hearing in Anderson Circuit Court.

  • Now, the charge is torture

    The man accused of stomping and setting his girlfriend’s puppy on fire is now being charged with a felony.
    Paul “Doobie” Dearinger was originally charged with misdemeanor cruelty to animals, but that charge has been upgraded to a felony after an ongoing investigation revealed he actually tortured the dog, according to Anderson County Attorney Bobbi Jo Lewis.

  • Teen saves choking grandmother

    Shelby Phillips is always happy to get a visit from her granddaughter, but Tuesday, Oct. 26 provided a visit neither will soon forget.
    Phillips and her 18-year-old granddaughter, Deanna Zeitz, were sitting around enjoying a snack, when Phillips started choking on a potato chip.
    Phillips is on oxygen and says she doesn’t have any teeth.
    “So I didn’t have any business eating them anyway,” she said.
    But one of the chips went down the wrong way, blocking her airway.

  • Warrants, without the wait

    A Lawrenceburg man blows off a court appearance in Louisville, convinced that it will take a week or two before police here will be wised up to the bench warrant issued by a Jefferson County judge.

  • Burn ban remains in effect

    With approximately 50 acres already scorched by assorted wildfires, the burn ban in Anderson County is alive and well and still in force.
    That’s according to Anderson County Fire Chief Mike Barnes, who on Monday reiterated that outdoor burning of any kind is strictly prohibited and violators can be ticketed and fined.
    “A person burning can be cited and fined and, should a fire burn onto someone else’s property, they can be held responsible for any damage,” Barnes said.

  • It's John Wayne!

    In the end, it wasn’t even close. Magistrate John Wayne Conway (D) fended off challenges from a Republican and independent candidate while cruising to a relatively easy win for Anderson County judge-executive.