Ben Carlson
Anderson County Fire Chief Patrick Krogman speaks with a team of firefighters as they prepared to swim out to a vehicle that had washed down the Salt River last night. The rescue attempt was called off after a Lawrenceburg man admitted that the truck was his and no one was in it.
Rescue effort aborted when truck owner admits lying to police

A swift-water rescue attempt was called off moments before rescue swimmers were about to enter the swollen Salt River late this morning when a man whose truck washed away admitted it was his.

The man, Ronnie Stratton, 38, of Lawrenceburg called the pickup truck in as stolen earlier this morning, according to Det. Jeremy Cornish of the Lawrenceburg Police Department. Cornish said he interviewed Stratton, who later admitted that he drove the truck into the river at the Rice Road crossing late last night and jumped out when it began washing down the Salt River.