Ben Carlson
Dawn Cassidy stands near a bird feeder her grandfather crafted from a ‘tailbox’ or ‘doghouse,’ the house-shaped copper item through which unaged bourbon or ‘white dog’ can be seen as it flows from the still after being distilled.
Bourbon memorabilia rediscovered

Dawn Cassidy is getting to know her late grandfather all over again.

A recent transplant from her home in Arizona, Cassidy’s grandfather, Orville Robinson, worked at what is now Wild Turkey Distillery from 1946 until he retired in 1992. Along the way, he amassed a collection of memorabilia, including items dating back to the distillery’s days as J.T.S. Brown and perhaps even earlier.

Cassidy, who moved here in 2015 to care for her grandmother after her grandfather passed away, uncovered that collection in their home on Franklin Street.