Today's News

  • Now’s the time to start planting tomato seeds

    There are only five more Mondays until spring.
    I have to say that I have loved this winter. I haven’t had to walk up the drive even once.
    Last winter I walked for almost a month. Sure, it got me in shape and offered plenty of beautiful night skies, but slipping and sliding while carrying groceries or dog food, was not my idea of a good time.
    We should be done with the snow, if the August fog predictor is accurate. The number of foggy mornings predicted the number of snows accurately last year, so I’m hopeful.

  • Coke and Red Bull? Not with my money

    Column as I see ’em …
    I was already in a sour mood when I stopped to fill my gas tank Friday night.
    I had just reviewed my year-end tax documents and was doing a slow burn over how much money was confiscated from my family so it could be squandered by politicians bottom fishing for votes.
    My burn grew a little hotter as the meter on the gas pump charged toward $60, so I shut it off and figured a chat with the jovial cashier inside might put me in a better mood before I went home.

  • For the love of country life

    Last Saturday morning, I spent three hours watching two men trap for beavers off the banks of the Kentucky River.
    Never thought I’d write that sentence.
    I also never imagined that I’d eat barbecued squirrel. Or taste test burgoo. Or finally learn how not to panic while driving on narrow country roads in western Anderson County.
    I may be a day late in celebrating Valentine’s Day, but I figured it’s never too late to confess a secret love: my unabashed admiration for country life.  

  • Bustin, Cornish, Lee, Hoskins, Smallwood owe apology tonight

    We’ll hear plenty when the Anderson County Health Board meets tonight (Wednesday) at 6.
    We’ll hear which health department employee has lost his or her job.
    We’ll hear which employees will be reduced to part time.
    We’ll hear how many furlough days employees will be forced to endure.
    But if history is any indicator, what we won’t hear is an apology from those responsible for inflicting this hardship on these employees and their families.

  • King in action
  • Playground ‘required’ at new ECC building

    The Parent Teacher Organization of the Early Childhood Center isn’t playing around when it comes to raising more than $60,000 by next school year for required playground equipment at the new childhood center.  
    “It’s at least been on our radar screen; we knew even then that it would be unlikely that the money was going to be appropriated for the playground,” Belinda Hardin, PTO president, said of the needed funding for the ECC playgrounds. “Even before they were breaking ground on building the new building, we were fundraising.”

  • Man’s mission is to find Anderson County’s unmarked soldiers

    Wayne Darnell, a Vietnam veteran, places American flags on every grave in Fairview cemetery. He’s done so for about 20 years.
    It’s important to him to remember those who have served their country, like his father did in World War II, and as his great great-grandfather did before him in the Civil War.
    “I’ve been interested since I’ve been this tall,” Darnell, holding his hand at knee-length, said.

  • GIRLS' BASKETBALL: Lady Bearcats impressive in win over Owen

    The assumed formula for Anderson County's success is simply defense first.

    It worked Monday night as the Lady Bearcats whipped regional foe Owen County 61-46. It was the same Owen County program that left Lawrenceburg with a 15-point win when it visited last January and put a major scare in the Lady Bearcats in last year's regional tournament.

    This time, there would be no doubt as Anderson went on a 12-0 run after giving up the opening basket. The Lady Bearcats never looked back.

  • GIRLS' BASKETBALL: McKee's fire burns, smokes Woodford

    VERSAILLES – Don't let Eriel McKee's smile fool you. There is a fire burning deep in her heart.

    And the Anderson County sophomore proved Friday night that you don't want to give that fire time to be stoked with some time on the bench.

    And there was plenty of time for the fire to grow after McKee picked up two quick fouls at Woodford County. But that fire erupted into a five-alarm blaze as far as Woodford was concerned. McKee scored 20 of her game-high 24 points in the second half to lead the Lady Bearcats to a 66-52 win.

  • WRESTLING: Spencer takes down regional crown

    DANVILLE – Six minutes might have seemed like six hours to Eric Spencer on Saturday.

    The Anderson County High School senior had taken the advantage less than 20 seconds into the 145-pound final at the Region 2 Wrestling Tournament, but then had to do the distance to become Anderson's first regional champion in at least five years.

    “The match seemed to drag on after I got the big lead,” Spencer said.