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  • Argument with fiancée turns brothers against each other


    A man was arrested last Monday after an altercation he had with his brother that transpired over an argument he had been having with his fiancée.

    Jason Tarrence, of Louisville, was charged with fourth degree assault after an argument with his brother, Jamie Tarrence.

    The argument became physical, resulting in Jamie receiving a bite to his finger and right upper arm, according to a citation. The altercation took place at 1060 Jenny Lillard Rd. in Lawrenceburg.

  • Man arrested on DUI charges


    A man was arrested last Sunday after his vehicle was observed traveling down Main Street in Lawrenceburg and being unable to hold its own lane, according to a citation issued by the Lawrenceburg Police Department.

    According to the citation, the arresting officer said that upon making contact with the driver, he noticed a strong odor of alcohol and upon further observance stated that his eyes were red and bloodshot. William Antonio Hernandez-Poco, of 1014 Linden Drive, stated he had left Bourbon on Main and admitted to having three drinks.

  • Beshear warns of Vets scam

    A caller from a sham charity dubbed “Coalition for Veterans of America” is preying upon Kentuckians’ goodwill toward veterans and veteran causes, Attorney General Andy Beshear said, according to a news release.

    The Attorney General’s office has received multiple reports from Kentuckians saying a caller claiming to be with the “Coalition for Veterans of America” is seeking donations to help cover Veterans Affairs medical bills and aid homeless veterans.

  • The sound, fury of our Tweeter-in-Chief

    The president does not hold press conferences to push his agenda. He does not preside over town halls, taking questions from constituents, nor does he explain policy from the podium. He does not speak to his Attorney General when he is displeased. 

    He tweets.

  • Plan ahead for August chores

    Happy August.

    Anyone else notice the cooler than average temperatures we’ve been having? I just checked the Old Farmer’s Almanac and it’s calling for cooler than average temperatures the whole month. No worries though because September is forecast to be hotter than normal.

    The weather has been a bit unusual all summer. Morning temps in the 50s is just wacky. We’re already up 3 inches in normal rainfall for the year. I’m really hoping that the wet summer means a dry winter.

  • Actuarial integrity key to repairing pension

    By Jim Waters

    Any retiree who worked as an engineer in building and repairing Kentucky’s buildings, highways and bridges should concur with a hearty “Amen!” for structural integrity, which indicates the ability of a structure to withstand a certain amount of intended weight without failing, fracturing or otherwise weakening.

    If Kentucky is to fix its pension mess, then “actuarial integrity” must become to its defined-benefit system what structural integrity is to its physical infrastructure.

  • Beware the Skimmer

    By Ryan Quarles

    Kentucky Commissioner

    of Agriculture

    Summer is a great time to make memories with family and friends. Whether you are spending your summer out on the farm, driving to your local ice cream shop, or hitting the road for a vacation, Kentuckians should be on the lookout for preying credit card skimmers seeking to steal sensitive information while you fill up your gas tank.

  • Man hits two cars, power pole; flees scene

    A Lawrenceburg man was arrested last Tuesday on charges of leaving the scene of an accident and driving on a suspended license after striking two cars and a power pole, according to a citation issued by the Lawrenceburg Police Department.

  • Traffic stop ends in arrest for possession


    Justin Arnold, of Harrodsburg, was arrested Thursday, July 27, after an officer pulled him over for a traffic stop.

    The arresting officer was stopped behind a vehicle at a red light of the Walmart parking lot and Bypass 127 South. The officer witnessed the light turn green while the vehicle did not move, according to a citation issued by the Lawrenceburg Police Department.

  • No easy answers to Anderson athletic field situation

    Nearly every time I make my way to what is now called Bob Ware Field, I have some memory of the great football games I have seen on the Anderson County High School campus.

    I was there in 1968 when the Bearcats, all 25 or so of them, whipped Tates Creek, which had so many players suited up that when the first Commodore hit the field for pregame warmups, more were still emerging from the school gym, where the team dressed. Anderson 20, Tates Creek 0.