Today's News

  • Turner releases honor roll

    Robert B. Turner Elementary recently released its first grading period honor roll. Students on the honor roll are as follows:

    Fourth Grade

  • Middle school students conduct mock trial
  • Friends of the Library donate to high school book fund
  • Wicks and Wonders finds new home on Main Street

    Lawrenceburg’s Main Street was the only choice for Nancy Cunningham’s new candle and gift shop Wicks and Wonders.
     “When I was a child, downtown was full,” Cunningham, who grew up in Anderson County said. “I want to bring stuff back downtown.”
    Downtown, therefore, was the ideal place to open up a storefront at 127 South Main.
    “There was no alternative location for me, because I think that’s where it should be,” Cunningham said of her new business.

  • Local man looking for Hurricane Sandy disaster relief volunteers

    Phillip Ritchey, director of missions for Anderson Baptist Association and a North American missionary working with Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief, is looking for volunteers interested in training to assist with disaster relief in New York.
    Ultimately, Ritchey said he would like to have a team trained through the Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief organization to respond to future disaster relief needs in Anderson County.

  • City grants extension on historic district recommendation

    The joint Planning and Zoning Commission now has until January to finalize its decision about a potential historic district in Lawrenceburg, thanks to an extension granted by the city council Monday night.
    Council members voted 5-0 to allow the joint commission until its January 2013 meeting to review requested ordinances from Bluegrass Area Development District in making its final recommendation either for or against the creation of a historic district.
    Council member Paul Thomas Vaughn was absent from the Nov. 12 meeting.

  • Bring summertime inside this winter season

     Now that we have fallen back in time, so to speak, our biological clocks are adjusting, albeit slowly. My normal wake up hour has shifted from 5:30 a.m. to 6:30 a.m.
    It should have gone the other way, but it never does in the winter. The wildlife on the farm seem to follow the same routine.
    Since the sun sleeps in a little longer, so do the birds and other critters, including us. I miss the flurry of activity in the yard during those early hours.

  • Future of Kentucky tourism: recreational pot

    In the post-election buzz, Kentucky marijuana tourism probably didn’t cross your mind.  
    But the media, having turned its gaze away from analyzing every aspect of the presidential race, is starting to refocus on a measure recently passed in Colorado and Washington — legal recreational marijuana.
    An amendment that Kentuckians may be voting on sooner than you think.

  • Waiters with a cause
  • Time to do away with constables

    Column as I see ’em …
    It looks like Kentucky is on its way to doing something that should have been done decades ago: getting rid of the elected position of constable.
    A report released last week by the Department of Criminal Justice Training was sort of a Capt. Obvious moment for many who already knew that the position is about as useless as a bucket without a bottom.
    The report calls constables “irrelevant as an arm of law enforcement,” which is actually much kinder than the description I would have offered.