Today's News

  • New statewide, teacher assessments pass

    The Kentucky Board of Education recently passed a new statewide teacher evaluation model for teachers and principals.

    The Professional Growth and Effectiveness System aims to help ensure consistency in methods of evaluating the effectiveness of principals and teachers.  While the model for superintendents is still in development, the new teacher and principal evaluation takes in multiple factors to attempt to capture a more full performance picture.

  • Central Baptist Church nears 10,000th pair of donated shoes

    Rick Clark, pastor at Central Baptist Church in Lawrenceburg, keeps a pair of worn sandals made out of tire in a display case in his office to remind him of the simple comforts that others may not possess.

  • Murder suspect will appear in circuit court

    Eric D. Jenkins, who was indicted for the vehicular murder of Marie Garmon, is scheduled to appear in Anderson County Circuit Court for a disposition or trial date Tuesday, May 6.

  • Buddha of Bourbon

    Like bourbon, Jimmy Russell stopped aging as soon as he was bottled. Russell, now 79, reached the shelf at Wild Turkey 60 years ago and the lifelong Anderson County resident’s reputation as the master of all master distillers continues to grow.

    Russell is a rock star. On any given day, he signs countless autographs, says hello to throngs of fans who call him “Jimmy” and has his photo made a million times.

  • Speak up, rock the boat, roar... shoot, just use your voice

    My favorite part of any newspaper is the editorial section. We call ours the Opinion page. It’s the most critical component of a local newpaper, in my opinion.

    But it can also be a revealing page and not just because it tells the public’s view on a myriad of topics. When the Opinion page of a community newspaper is anemic, that is, lacking the voice of its readers, it’s a sign of apathy or a lack of belief in the power of a single voice.

  • When close our ears, we close our minds

    Just this week I was browsing my facebook profile and catching up with what’s going on in friends’ lives like I often do and noticed a startling trend of people unfriending those with different political or religious views.

  • EMS works on Severe Weather Warning project

    Budget requests, monthly bill payments and department head reports were the primary topics of discussion at the Anderson County Fiscal Court meeting Tuesday.

    Department heads submitted the monthly reports.

    * Joani Clark, jailer presented her monthly report citing that there were 77 people arrested in March with 137 total charges. In comparison, February there were 91 arrested with 146 total charges. Currently, Clark said there are 61 people in custody at the Shelby County Detention center.

  • It's wild, but it's no turkey

    Fred Cubberly grinned from ear to ear as he sampled Wild Turkey’s Kentucky Spirit in the distillery’s tasting room Friday. His bliss wasn’t born entirely from the bourbon. He’d only had an ounce or two. It was born out of the pleasure of simply being at Wild Turkey in Lawrenceburg.

  • City Council discusses process on equalization basin project

    An update on the equalization basin project and a recommendation for a zoning change to a property within city limits were the major line items on the Lawrenceburg City Council agenda Monday night.

  • Local teen and her horse make voyage through Trail of Tears

    What started out as a method to differentiate herself to gain entry to law school has become a journey of education and self discovery for 17-year-old Emma Swendsen who will take a more than two-month long horseback journey through the Trail of Tears.