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  • Turnovers not sweet for Lady Bearcats

    LEXINGTON – Elizabethtown showed why it is considered one of the top girls' basketball programs in Kentucky and that Anderson County has a way to go before it is considered in the elite Monday afternoon.
    The Lady Panthers dominated the final three quarters to score a 58-47 victory in the Republic Bank Classic at Lexington Catholic High School.

  • 100 years of basketball: The Legacy lives on

    HARRODSBURG – It still happens occasionally when Betsy Sale introduces herself.

    "Betsy Sale. Harrodsburg, Kentucky. “

    "Are you any relation to ‘Aggie’ Sale?”

    Betsy Sale smiles broadly. “It used to happen often,” says the daughter of the University of Kentucky basketball legend. “It happens occasionally now. It feels good. It is nice to know that people remember him.”

  • 100 years of basketball: Conner says Bearcats' 1971 run is what makes Kentucky special

    LOUISVILLE – To someone raised in the ESPN generation, it might seem strange that a high school basketball game played on a Saturday morning means as much to Jimmy Dan Conner as delaying Bobby Knight's first national championship by a year.

    But it's true. “Oh, absolutely!” Conner says from his office in Louisville. “I think the Sweet 16 is on the same par with the Final Four. I really do.” Has it really been 40 years?

    Forty years since Jimmy Dan Conner made one of the most legendary shots in Kentucky history?

  • 100 Years of Basketball: Girls' basketball comes to town

    Unless someone was around when it all started, he probably would not believe how girls’ basketball has changed since 1974. That is when the state was supposed to have given girls an equal opportunity to play the game.
    There were some things equal as soon as teams started gearing up for that first season of girls’ high school basketball in over 40 years. Like the boys, they would have a state tournament with 16 regional winners.
    Other than that, nothing much was equal.

  • 100 years of basketball: In His Own Words -- Jay Springate

    By Jay Springate
    (Editor's note: Jay Springate is a former student sports writer for The Anderson News. A graduate of Anderson County High School and the University of Kentucky, Jay now lives in Atlanta, where he works with an investment firm.)
    No better comparison between the past and the future of Anderson County basketball could be found than in the pages of The Anderson News I found myself thumbing through over Thanksgiving weekend.

  • Middle school principal charged with DUI

    Anderson County Middle School Principal Gina Fultz, 48, was charged with driving under the influence Dec. 10 near her home in Madison County, according to police records.

  • 100 years of basketball: Some thoughts on your selections for Anderson County's all-time team

    Whenever you embark on a project such as picking an All-Time Team with random persons making the selections, there is one major risk: Will people be fair?
    With over 300 people participating by sending in selections, it was apparent that readers of The Anderson News took things seriously and for the most part, seemed to really be trying to pick those who really were just a notch above all the rest on the hardwood. Sure, there were some people who had large families that stuck together. There's nothing wrong with that and everyone would do the same.

  • 100 years of basketball: Anderson County's All-Time boys' team

    Readers were asked to select the 20 best boys' basketball players in 100 years of basketball in Anderson County.

    Eight  were to be from Anderson High or Anderson County High, three from Western High School and to each from Lawrenceburg, Kavanaugh and Anderson County residents who attended Lincoln Institute. Three selections could be from any of the schools.

  • 100 years of basketball: Anderson County's All-Time girls' team

    Readers were asked to select 10 girls to the team. Seven were to be from Anderson County High School, one from Western High School and two could be from either. The cutoff date was 1974, since that is when girls' basketball was sanctioned in Kentucky.
    Ties meant that 12 girls were actually named to the team.

    Anita Waldridge, Western (Class of 1977)

  • Police arrest suspect in armed robbery

    The man police say confessed to robbing a Hilltop gas station last Thursday night had a very short time to enjoy the estimated $1,200 he made off with.