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  • Kentucky phrases are like music for those listenin’

    “Lord have mercy, children,” my mother would say, when something really bad was going on.
    She used another colloquialism; it was “Law-zee-day.” I spelled it phonetically because I don’t really know what she was saying. But when she said it, I knew something wasn’t right, for sure.
    I grew up in Harlan, so of course I heard plenty of colorful phrases.   

  • Beshear’s failure to reduce costs leads to ‘no’ vote 

    The gavel has fallen on another session of the General Assembly as we adjourned last week.  Although the issue of a shortfall in Kentucky’s Medicaid budget remains, we still passed nearly 100 pieces of legislation during the 2011 session.
     The two biggest bills we considered during the 2011 session were House Bill 305, dealing with a shortfall in Kentucky’s Medicaid budget, and House Bill 225, which sought to increase the dropout age from 16 to 18.

  • Eager for spring, but don’t rush the season

    Sunshine makes me smile. It’s especially nice to see after a long, cold winter.
    Here on the farm, my rain gauge has measured 15.5 inches of precipitation since Jan. 1. That’s lot of moisture and things are definitely going green.
    This Sunday, spring officially arrives. The vernal equinox means we will be warming up and all the flowers will be coming up to celebrate. The sound of mowers will soon reach a frenzied pitch, as folks start leveling off the wild onions and dandelions sprouting in their yards.

  • Whatever you do, don’t tell Lucille White

    A big surprise is close at hand for Lucille and William White, but nobody wants them to know so mum’s the word.
    The trouble is, Lucille has been asking everybody in her family what they are going to do for their 60th anniversary. “She’s driving us crazy,” said her daughter Donna.
    It’s hard to keep a secret from her mom, but her mom and dad kept a secret when they first married.

  • Not much ‘voluntary’ about farm plate fee

    With March Madness upon us and Kentucky on a roll, I hate to point out a negative about former Wildcat Richie Farmer, but will anyway.
    A man came into my office about a week ago, angrier than Charlie Sheen after a three-day bender. He had just left the county clerk’s office after renewing his license plates and was outraged that the amount of the bill he received in the mail included a $10 “voluntary contribution.”

  • Sex offender compliance sweep nets three local arrests

    Loren “Squirrel” Carl says he will never forget the case of an 8-year-old Woodford County girl who was sodomized.
    Carl was a detective with the Woodford County Police Department at the time, and remembers how devastated the little girl’s family was.
    “It was traumatic,” he said last Thursday afternoon, hours after announcing the arrest of 15 non-compliant sex offenders during a news conference in Frankfort. “It gave me plenty of insight in wanting to pursue these people.”

  • Mayor’s vote keeps golf carts off city streets

    Those holding out hope to cruise city streets on golf carts can forget about it.
    Mayor Edwinna Baker killed the idea following a tie vote Monday night from the Lawrenceburg City Council.
    Following debate between council members for and against the idea, Baker said she hadn’t received a single call to city hall about the ordinance, which passed last month on first reading. Baker also cited a survey in which respondents said they would be nervous about having golf carts travel city streets.

  • ‘She’s a hero’

    The burglar knew he had easy access through an unlocked downstairs window.
    The burglar knew he could sneak around the house unnoticed because it was 3 a.m. and everyone inside was asleep.
    The burglar knew plenty, but he didn’t know that a gritty 14-year-old girl and her dog, Harley, would shoo him from the house empty handed.

  • Water rates, city’s payroll both go up

    Taking a shower and paying city employees got more expensive for taxpayers Monday night after the Lawrenceburg City Council approved water, sewer and pay increases.
    The council voted to raise water and sewer rates 7.4 percent, and to give employees a 1.5 percent pay increase starting in July.
    The pay increase was unanimous, and only Councilman Paul Thomas Vaughn voted against the water and sewer increase.

  • This time, alleged puppy killer indicted

    The man accused of brutally killing an 8-month-puppy didn’t walk away scot-free after all.
    The Anderson County Grand Jury indicted Paul “Doobie” Dearinger last Tuesday morning on a second-degree misdemeanor charge of cruelty to animals for his alleged roll in stomping on the puppy then setting it on fire last September following an argument with his girlfriend.
    A different grand jury declined to indict Dearinger late last year on a felony charge for the same crime.