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  • Debunking myth of gender roles

    I was deeply saddened to hear about the suicide of transgender Ohio teen Josh Alcorn who renamed himself Leelah.

    The 17-year-old reportedly died after being hit by a tractor-trailer while walking along a highway near her home Sunday, Dec. 28. Her suicide note had more than 200,000 shares on tumblr.

  • Figuring out ‘use-by’ dates

    Many of us are familiar with the “sell-by,” “best if used by” and “use-by” dates that appear on food products. These dates are expiration dates that provide information on the quality of products purchased.

    Many consumers do not use or throw away products that have passed these dates. Knowing what these dates mean help consumers make better decisions on product quality, product safety, what to keep, what to toss and when.

    Types of dates

  • 01-07 jail log

    The following people were recently arrested and transported to jail, according to information released by Anderson County Jailer Joani Clark.

    Dec. 26

    Roy Waldridge was charged with violation of a domestic violence order by the Kentucky State Police.

    Dec. 28

    Joseph Dean was charged with failure to appear in court by the Lawrenceburg Police Department.

    Rhonda Smith was charged with failure to appear in court or pay fines by the Kentucky State Police.

    Dec. 29

  • 01-07 published district court docket

    Judge Donna Dutton heard the following cases during Anderson District Court proceedings on Dec. 15.

    David L. Baker, hearing, two counts of buy/possess drug paraphernalia – bonded out.

    William J. Brown, hearing, second-degree wanton endangerment – contempt of court, 90 days to serve (purge of contempt upon payment in full).

    Cory D. Gray, hearing, operating a motor vehicle under the influence – proof in file, fines and costs converted to four days to serve (credit time served).


    Compiled by Janie Bowen

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    50 YEARS AGO

    Thursday, Jan. 7, 1965

    Grocery robbery

    A handful of pennies, three cartons of cigarettes and six 3-pound sticks of peppermint candy were stolen from the E.A. Brown Grocery sometime last Friday night.

  • Lego self portraits
  • Turner recognizes November citizens of the month
  • Turner recognizes December citizens of the month
  • Resolutions no more, just longing for some changes

    On the can-do scale, New Years resolutions are usually about as effective as a middle school team trying to score on Willie Cauley-Stein and company.

    It might happen, you know, but, really now.

    So, with that in mind, I refrained from making any sports resolutions this year and decided to think about what I would change if I had a magic wand to make everything right.

    I would get students back to high school sporting events.


    Just about anything you would want to know about the current edition of Anderson County basketball could have been learned in 32 minutes of action Saturday night.

    Collins, a 30th District foe, handed the home-standing Bearcats a 60-52 loss that demonstrated that Anderson could be multiple degrees of good and bad – along with several levels in between – all in the same game.