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  • ‘We might as well give them the dope’

    News that the Anderson County Health Department is debating the creation of a needle exchange program for drug addicts wasn’t received particularly well during last week’s meeting of the Anderson County Fiscal Court.
    “What jackass thought of that idea?” asked Magistrate David Montgomery, who disparaged the idea but volunteered to be a on a committee to examine it along with members of the health board, Lawrenceburg City Council, law enforcement, EMS and county jailer.
    “We might as well give them the dope, too,” Montgomery added.

  • Circuit Court likely next stop for Alton Road

    The state’s emergency request to have Alton Road (Highway 151) removed from the federal government’s National Truck Network doesn’t go nearly far enough, according to the leaders of a group demanding that heavy trucks be temporarily banned.
    Residents Tom Isaac and Don McCormick each said Monday that they and the group they represent will decide next Monday if they will seek an emergency injunction in court.

  • Recycling to go curbside next month

    Residents with trash service across Anderson County have been receiving recycling bins with light blue tops during the past two weeks in anticipation of curbside pickup that is slated to begin April 4.
    While trash will continue to be collected on a weekly basis, recyclables will be collected every other week on the same day trash is picked up. Recyclable items should be placed loosely in the recycling cart, not bagged. For more information, call 859-263-2000.

  • Duo adds cycle shop to Main Street mix

    Two local men are banking on the notion that those visiting Lawrenceburg while traveling the Bourbon Trail are looking for more than places to eat and shop.
    Tim Bond and Chris Walker are the owners of Bourbon Trail Cycles, a motorcycle repair shop that opened late last year next door to Dude’s Muffler and Brake Shop on Main Street.
    “Downtown is the best location for something like this, especially with the revitalization of the downtown area,” said Walker. “That played a major role in picking this location.

  • Man jailed for threatening to kill deputy, state trooper

    From staff reports
    A Lawrenceburg man remained behind bars Tuesday after threatening to kill a sheriff’s deputy and state trooper last Wednesday night on Alton Station Road.
    Aaron B. Cummins, 32, of 210 Poplar Drive faces charges that include DUI, criminal mischief and disorderly conduct for an incident that began when he allegedly ran off of Alton Station Road and caused property damage.
    In his report, trooper Josh Satterly said Cummins was at a nearby residence when he responded to a call at 1166 Alton Station Road.

  • Magistrate calls coroner spending ‘irresponsible’

    The Anderson County Fiscal Court declined to pay two of Coroner Dr. Mark Tussey’s bills last week and are demanding that he appear to explain the charges.
    “This is irresponsible and I think the court needs an explanation,” said Magistrate Meredith Lewis while discussing purchases totaling $1,335 for uniform shirts and heavyweight safety parkas.
    “Thirteen hundred dollars for four people’s uniforms? That’s way over budget,” she said.
    “What did they buy, suits?” quipped Magistrate Kenny Barnett.

  • A bad rap for county coroner

    Column as I see ’em …
    In roughly a decade of covering the Anderson County Fiscal Court, I’ve never seen an elected official as publically dressed down as Coroner Dr. Mark Tussey was during last Tuesday’s meeting.
    That’s saying a lot, too, considering the contentiousness that has reared its head during the past 10 years as magistrates have squabbled over any number of issues.

  • One man’s junk or treasure?

    “We’re gonna open this unit up with a bid of $100. Do I hear 100?”
    Hammer Down Auctions’ auctioneer Barry Carter’s voice pierces the mid-morning quiet at Storage Rentals of America out behind the new McDonald’s on Commerce Way.
    A small group of six bidders peer curiously into the storage unit up for auction at 10 a.m. on a brisk, brilliant Thursday morning. Despite Carter’s best efforts, the bidding starts at $10 for what looks to the casual eye like laundry baskets and milk crates full of junk.

  • Fresh, frozen or canned, spinach is always a hit

    Spinach is a popular vegetable. It’s been on the American plate since the 1800s.
    Adding spinach to a sandwich instead of lettuce may be new for some people. However spinach is very versatile. It can be served fresh in salads and sandwiches and used fresh, frozen or canned in soups, dips, smoothies and pasta dishes. A quick side dish can be made by simply sautéing spinach and adding a little vinegar and grated Parmesan cheese.

  • Friday is potato planting day

    One of my favorite things about Daylight Savings Time is I sleep in until 6 a.m. Another is to be able to get some outside chores done after I get home from work this time of year. In another week I’ll be back up at 5 a.m. again, but I’m enjoying it while it lasts, even if it is only a mind prank.