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  • World War II vet celebrates birthday, visits Wall of Honor

    J.P. Disponett turned 92 years old this past Sunday.

    His family shared a collection of photos taken by Myles Young around the Fourth of July of him visiting the Wall of Honor at American Legion Post 34 in Lawrenceburg.

    His grandson, Chris Disponett, said J.P. is a veteran of World War II, during which he served under Gen. George Patton in the Third Army.

    Did he meet the famous general?

    “I’m sure he did,” his grandson said. “He’s told me a lot of stories about him, having seen him and whatnot.”

  • It’s OK to flirt when married

    Now that the headline of this column has your attention, it’s important to point out that flirting with your spouse leads to a healthier husband and wife and a successful marriage.

  • Not your typical cockroaches

    Wood cockroaches live under loose bark, in cavities of fallen or dying trees or in stumps.

    They are natives of moist woodland habitats where they feed on decaying organic matter. These cockroaches are accidental invaders in homes and buildings in and around wooded areas.

  • There is still plenty of garden work to do

    Do you know what the monkey said when he got his tail caught in the door? “Won’t be long now.”

    Summer is winding down, but that doesn’t mean the garden work is done. On the contrary, fall work saves you a bunch of spring and summer work, and I do mean a bunch.

    I always close my veggie stand Memorial Day weekend, which gives me all of September’s weekends to prepare the garden plots for next season. I’ll need it. It’s a multi-step process to prepare the soil and the growing area for next spring.

  • Bullies are no match for sneaky teacher

    I’m a sucker for a good psychological thriller, and while I try to avoid the movie theaters at all costs because of the outrageous prices for tickets (God-forbid a popcorn and soda for an additional $20) after a glowing review from a friend about “The Gift” – I had to see it for myself.

    The movie plot is chock full of everything a good thriller needs: long brooding silences, dark hallways, long camera pans on actors standing in front of windows and few jump scares sprinkled throughout.

  • Fuel truck wreck forces evacuations in Alton

    The wreck of a tanker truck filled with 2,000 gallons of gasoline and 5,500 gallons of diesel fuel forced the evacuation of dozens of homes in the Alton area Tuesday morning as first responders worked to plug the leak and contain the spill.

    The truck was headed into Alton on Highway 151 when it veered off the road, traveled several hundred yards in front of at least four homes and struck a tree in front of a residence owned by Jerry Hughes.

  • ‘Barrels of boos’

    Are members of the Ripy family haunting the Wild Turkey Distillery?

    The Syfy channel will air an episode of “Ghost Hunters” on Wednesday, Aug. 26 in an effort to find out.

    Titled “Barrels of Boos,” the episode features Olivia Ripy, whose family founded the distillery, telling the “Ghost Hunters” team of strange occurrences during her years at Wild Turkey.

  • Scared parents call police as man staggers through trailer park

    Residents at the trailer park on Versailles Road called police early Tuesday morning, saying they were afraid to send their children out to school buses because a man was staggering around the streets.

    Police arrived and arrested Justin Whetzel, 30, of 112 Saffell St. and charged him with possession of a controlled substance and public intoxication.

    Officer Jamie Dunn of the Lawrenceburg Police Department said he found Whetzel seated in some weeds next to a phone poll.

  • City, paper team up for Sidewalk Days

    Remember back in the day when Lawrenceburg merchants would bring their wares out in front of their stores for sidewalk sales?

    Those days will return next month when the City of Lawrenceburg and The Anderson News present Lawrenceburg Sidewalk Days, scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 17 through Saturday, Sept. 19.

    The event will culminate with live music on Saturday, when Main Street will be closed to traffic from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

  • Carmichael named senior center director

    In his first few weeks as the Anderson County Senior Center’s new director, Steve Carmichael has not slowed down one bit.

    And that is how he likes it.

    “So far it’s been a great experience,” he said during a brief interlude between meetings. “I’ve been trying to learn all I can. Everyone is trying to help me and it has been just wonderful.”

    Carmichael said he knows the responsibility of his new position and the shoes he has to fill after Debbie Lottes retired a few weeks ago.