Today's News

  • Mule wagon wreck victim home, doing better

    The man who was seriously injured when the mule and wagon team he was driving crashed into a ditch is doing better, his mother said Monday afternoon.
    Brian “Little Brian” Perry is home from the hospital and recovering, his mother, Sherry, said.
    “We just thank God that he is recovering quicker than the doctors expected,” she said. “They were looking at a full recovery being a year, so he’s done remarkably well.”

  • Trial set for Horn Drive man charged with incest, rape

    A trial date has been scheduled for a Lawrenceburg man charged with incest, second-degree rape and second-degree sexual abuse.
    William Smith, of 109 Horn Drive, was indicted late last year following a state police investigation into allegations that he committed incest with a victim under the age of 18, and that he raped and sexually abused a victim under the age of 14, according to documents on file in the Anderson County Courthouse.
    His trial is scheduled for Aug. 11-12 in Anderson Circuit Court.

  • Murder suspect lodged in Shelby

    From Landmark News Service
    A murder suspect charged with the death of an Anderson County woman is the first inmate to be housed in jail in Shelby County under the terms of a new jail agreement.
    Terry Cram, who was brought back to Kentucky from Arizona where he had fled in January, arrived at the Shelby County Detention Center last Tuesday.
    Normally, Terrance Cram, 49, would have been taken to the Franklin County Jail, but Shelby County is now housing those inmates.
    Then, on Friday, the transfer of the Anderson County inmates began in small groups.

  • Jury trial delayed for man charged with rape

    The trial of a Lawrenceburg man charged with raping a 13-year-old girl has been moved to September.
    Stephen Linder, 23, was supposed to stand trial beginning July 14, but the trial is now scheduled to begin Sept. 6.
    He faces two counts of second-degree rape and sexual abuse from incidents dating back to December 2009.
    The underage victim in the case initially claimed she was raped by a “masked intruder” who “raped her on her kitchen floor,” according to documents on file in the Anderson County Courthouse.

  • Rice hired to lead Anderson County Chamber

    Pam Rice can now ad the title of executive director of the Anderson County Chamber of Commerce to her remarkable list of accomplishments.
    Rice, who has served at state and national levels with the American Legion Auxiliary, began her leadership role with the chamber on Monday and will staff its new office on Glensboro Road.

  • America’s Civil War brought about civil rights

    April 12 of this year marked the 150th anniversary of America’s Civil War.
    Outside the American Revolution and the creation of the United State Constitution, the Civil War is arguably the most seminal event in American history.
    For the next four years, Kentucky and the rest of the United States will remember this event and its lasting effects on American society.

  • Police: Man staged his own shooting

    A Lawrenceburg man stands accused of faking his own shooting Tuesday morning on Saffell Street and has been charged with several crimes, according to a news release from the Kentucky State Police.
    Zachary S. Penwell, 30, of 201 Saffell St. is charged with first-degree conspiracy to commit assault, theft by unlawful taking and falsely reporting an incident, according to the news release.
    Penwell called 911 dispatch at 9:23 a.m. Tuesday and reported that someone had robbed and shot him in the leg.

  • C’mon, folks, let’s dish a little dirt

    I love science and all its “ologies,” especially meteorology, archaeology, entomology, geology and pedology, the study of dirt.
    So, I thought I’d combine all of the above this week, because we make an impact on all of them, right here in our own back yards.
    So let’s dish a little dirt.

  • Downs the plant murderer

    Mitt Romney is dying.
    I didn’t intend to kill him. I only wanted to brighten up my new apartment, but I’m slowly torturing the poor guy, watering him one day and leaving him to wilt the next.
    It’s supposed to be difficult to kill geraniums.
    But no plant, not even Mitt Romney the pink geranium, is safe from my black gardener’s thumb.
    It doesn’t matter what party: Republican, Democrat, Communist. Death by my careless hands is the great equalizer when it comes to houseplants.
    Some people keep scrapbooks.

  • No excuses accepted for NASCAR nightmare

    If I hear one more lame apology from the people who “manage” the Kentucky Speedway, I’ll vomit.
    I don’t want apologies for Saturday’s inexcusable traffic nightmare at the track, and I certainly am not interested in hearing about learning curves and arriving early.