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  • Fifth Grade Spelling Bee Winners for Saffell Street Elementary
  • Saffell Street names Students of the Month
  • ACMS selects November Students of the Month
  • Obsession with consumption gives food for thought

    We were eating pizza — thin crust, perfectly crisp, topped with ooey gooey decadent cheesy goodness that was just the right degree of meltiness.
    As our eyes rolled back in our heads in pizza ecstasy, my friend Tara said she had recently read that the sign of a culture in decline is its glorification of its cuisine and deification of its chefs.

  • Frankfort Regional wins workplace award

    For the third consecutive year, Frankfort Regional Medical Center has been selected as a recipient of the Alfred P. Sloan Awards for Business Excellence in Workplace Flexibility, the hospital announced.
    The award recognizes employers’ use of flexibility as an effective workplace strategy to increase business and employee success.
     “We’re honored to receive this recognition for our workplace practices,” said Chip Peal, chief executive officer.

  • Can’t save them all, but walking dogs is a start

    If the idea of walking dogs appeals to you, but you are not interested in dealing with hassles such as obtaining licenses or procuring clients, volunteering to walk dogs for your local Humane Society can be a perfect opportunity to express your love and compassion for animals.
    Offering your services makes a positive impact on your community and a huge difference in the lives of many homeless dogs.

  • Fat bunnies, foggy August mean rough winter

    Happy December, everyone.
    Let the race begin. You now have 18 days before Christmas. Winter will officially arrive on the 22nd of this month and before you get too concerned, we normally only have a little snow by then.
    Sinc, we’re nearing the end of the year, I thought we should take a short stroll down memory lane.
    Last December, we had had only 1.6 inches of snow by Christmas, but it made for a white one. By the end of January we had another 1.26 inches fall. It was the month of February that got us.

  • Students ignite journalism fire

    To be a journalist is like being on fire.  
    Extinguish one flame — deadlines, disgruntled readers or writer’s block — and more start to smolder in its place.
    I’ve toured a prison and endured its pat-down policy, been essentially banned from a senior center, and had my student newspaper pulled from the racks for publishing a story about an Ecstasy drug bust on campus.
    So it’s nice to remind myself sometimes why I voluntarily chose this profession.
    All it took was another newspaper.

  • Time for Gov. Beshear to reign in health cabal

    Column as I see ’em …
    Now that he has been comfortably re-elected, perhaps Gov. Beshear will take a moment and throw a rope around those in his health cabinet who can’t seem to keep their meddling noses out of Anderson County’s business.
    Our 12-person health board, which consists of the county’s CEO and members with more degrees than a thermometer is perfectly capable (these days, at least) of making decisions without interference from state health officials.

  • District court docket: 12-7-11

    Judge Linda Armstrong heard the following cases during Anderson District Court proceedings on Nov. 3, 2011.
    Elizabeth Dennis, arraignment, flagrant non support – pleaded not guilty, preliminary hearing Nov. 10.
    Elizabeth Dennis, arraignment, unauthorized use of motor vehicle, complicity unauthorized use of motor vehicle – pleaded not guilty, pretrial conference Nov. 10.
    Lori L. Baker, show cause, theft by unlawful taking (shoplifting) – pretrial conference Nov. 16, motion/disposition/trial date Dec. 1.