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  • COLUMN: Agricultural changes coming at right time

    Thursday is Thanksgiving and I have a lot to be thankful for this year.

    You, my readers, are one of the reasons for which I’m thankful. As the year comes to a close I think of all the kind words that have come my way from you. I think of all the questions and answers, all the stories shared and all the smiles exchanged. Along with a few seeds. You keep me on my toes and I thank you.

  • Community calendar - 12.2 to 12.8

    Wednesday, Dec. 2


    8 a.m. to noon, GED instruction and college preparation, Anderson Community Education building, 219 E. Woodford St.

    Noon to 4 p.m., GED instruction and college preparation, Bluegrass Community and Technical College, U.S. 127 campus.

    4:30 p.m., Anderson Middle School site-based decision making council meeting.

    4:30 to 7:30 p.m., GED instruction and college preparation, Anderson Community Education building, 219 E. Woodford St.

  • Directions to Pleasure Ridge Park High School

    The Anderson County boys' basketball team will play perennial power Pleasure Ridge Park Thursday night in Louisville. Tip off is at 7:30 p.m. with the junior varsity game at 6 p.m.

  • Anderson Christian scheduled to present 'One Nite in Bethlehem'

    With some PVC pipe, about 7,000 lights, many rolls of duct tape and a lot of papier-mâché, members of Anderson Christian Church have recreated “One Nite in Bethlehem.”

    The live interactive Bethlehem village will be open to the public Friday through Sunday from 6 to 9 each night, said Dave Futrell, music minister at Anderson Christian.

    For the full story, including pictures of preparation for the event, see this week's Anderson News, available on newsstands across the county.

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  • COLUMN: Carcass dumpers giving hunters a bad name

    There is a remarkable difference between those who hunt and those who are hunters.

    Hunters are those who respect the tradition, follow the rules and harvest animals the right way and for the right reasons.

    Those who hunt are, at their worst, morons who swill beer or smoke dope (or both) while blasting away at whatever is unfortunate enough to walk in front of them.

    Too broad a brush? Too bad.

    Those who hunt are giving hunters a bad name, and I’m sick of it.

    Take, for instance, the morons who dump deer carcasses along our back roads.

  • Lady Mustangs state champs!

    LEXINGTON -- State champs!

    That is what you can call the Anderson County Middle School girls' basketball team.

    The Lady Mustangs ended their middle school careers Friday afternoon with a 34-26 win over Whitley County in the state championship game at Rupp Arena.

  • COLUMN: Please, no more Rocky Top in November

    LEXINGTON – I have gotten to the point that I wish someone could take a big orange and stuff it in every horn when the Tennessee band starts playing Rocky Top.

    Oh Rocky Top, you'll always be

    A sickening song to me...

    As I walked out of Commonwealth Stadium on Saturday night, the Volunteer band kept playing louder and louder. And I kept getting sicker and sicker at what I had just seen happen just a few feet in front of me.

  • COLUMN: Count your many blessings

    Monday was a beast of a morning. I hit snooze at least three times before I got up.

    While getting dressed I saw a stain on my pant leg, and it didn’t take long to realize the jacket I pulled from the back of the closet was about a size too small.

    I already didn’t feel great, and all the clothing chaos gave me a headache and made me later than I wanted to be for work.

  • District court proceedings

    Judge Matthew K. Eckert heard the following cases during Anderson District Court proceedings Sept. 10.

    Melissa D. Bamberger, arraignment, theft by unlawful taking (shoplifting) -- bonded out.

    Brian Lawson, arraignment, receiving stolen property (firearm) -- pleaded not guilty, continued to Sept. 17.

    Megan L. Reffett, arraignment, fraudulent use of credit cards (less than $10,000) -- pleaded not guilty, continued to Sept. 17.

  • Letters to the editor - 11.25

    Climb aboard ‘industrial bandwagon’

    To the editor:

    I am ecstatic to see that Harley-Davidson is looking into moving its current York, Pa., facility to our great state.

    Hopefully, our current county and city leaders will not be content with just “grabbing our share” of the move if it happens.

    Why not do whatever it takes to grab the whole pie?