Today's News

  • April is here and the fish are biting throughout the state

    By Lee McClellan, Ky. Dept. of Fish & Wildlife Resources

    The grass is the deep forest green that only reveals itself in early spring. Keeneland opened last week and the Kentucky Derby is not far away.

    It is early April in Kentucky and the fish are biting all over the state.

  • Spring youth hunt prizes
  • Salsa, dips are easy light alternatives

    My favorite thing to keep in the fridge around spring and summer time are dips and salsas. They are full of color, vibrant flavor, light, and perfect for every occasion. They are also incredibly easy to prepare, they can be paired with so many different foods, and they’re the perfect appetizer.

  • Calendar of Events

    April 6
    8:30 a.m. — Breakfast Club at the Anderson Senior Center
    10:30 a.m. — Embracing Life with Joan Martin at the Anderson Senior Center
    11:30 a.m. — Lunch at the Anderson Senior Center
    1 p.m. — Yoga at the Anderson Senior Center
    2 p.m. — Cards and games at the Anderson Senior Center

    April 7
    8:30 a.m. — Breakfast Club at the Anderson Senior Center
    9 a.m. — Exercise videos, errands, and shopping at the Anderson Senior Center

  • Playin' a little ditty

    50 YEARS AGO
    Thursday, April 7, 1966
    Pvt. Paul Johnson, 19, son of Jailer Lucien Johnson and Mrs. Johnson was wounded in action in Vietnam and was in a Tokyo hospital. There were no details in the letter to his family except that he had undergone surgery on his left arm and the injury occurred March 24.

    Nancy Dean and Bobby Carmickle won excellent ratings in oratory and public speaking at the Speech Festival held in Richmond. They were students at Sand Spring School.

  • Shoplifting charge leads to meth bust

    From staff reports
    Sunday afternoon went from bad to worse when a bag of methamphetamine allegedly fell from a Lawrenceburg man’s pocket while he was being detained in Walmart on a shoplifting allegation.
    Michael Jones, 49, of 101 Hilltop Drive, was apprehended by an off-duty Lawrenceburg Police officer after he was seen attempting to steal a recording device in the store, according to a report filed by officer Clay Crouch.

  • Drug use in schools not as common as some might think

    Column as I see ’em …
    I was more than a little concerned last week when I received a news release about a student group that has been organized to combat what its organizer, school board member Donna Drury, said is “drug use among elementary, middle and high school students.”
    I figured there might be a rare case of drug use in the high school, and even more rare the middle school, but in the elementary schools?
    No way!

  • Not the type of eggs you want

    Eastern tent caterpillar (ETC) eggs, which were laid last June, are hatching just as leaf buds are swelling on wild cherry trees.
    Newly hatched eggs are easy to identify by the small holes that the tiny larvae chew as they make their exit.  The small caterpillars will stay near their egg mass for a short time before moving to feed on expanding leaves.
    Eggs will continue to hatch through early April; caterpillars will be active for the next four to five weeks

  • Sneak more fruit, veggies into your diet

    Kentuckians need more fruits and vegetables on our plate daily.
    I teach healthy eating principles to preschoolers, families and seniors.
    There are many people from all age groups who do not eat enough fruits and vegetables. If we did eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables along with lean meat and dairy products which includes low-fat or fat-free milk, then we would not be as hungry for empty calorie foods and snacks.