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  • No good answers for laziness

    Let’s face it. We’re lazy.
    Not just Anderson County, but the entire nation.
    Millions of dollars have been spent to study how easily and efficiently we become lazy.
    Who knows how much has been charged to credit card accounts so we can get the physique and fearless reputation of Chuck Norris.  
    The University of Wisconsin’s Population Institute recently released its 2012 study on the County Health Rankings, including Anderson County.

  • Modern version of ‘let me see your pay-pahs’

    It’s like your teenage daughter coming home and announcing she’s just a little bit pregnant.
    Of course there’s no such thing, nor is there a “minor” violation of the Constitution.
    Pretty heady declaration, I know, particularly when former Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist declared police roadblocks “minor” violations of the Fourth Amendment — you know, the pesky one that deals with unlawful search and seizure — but allowed them to continue out of concern for public safety.

  • Sheriff’s office says goodbye to one of its own
  • City sewer service for Bob-O-Link?

    John Collins of 1056 Hazel Drive spoke before the city council at its April 9 meeting to request that the city make sewer lines available for residents in the Bob-O-Link and Westwood subdivisions currently limited to septic systems.
    “I’ll be brief, because I need your help,” Collins said with a laugh.
    Residents of the subdivision formed a four-person committee, he said, and have been knocking on doors in the Bob-O-Link and Westwood subdivisions to get homeowners’ opinions on getting hooked up to sewer lines.

  • Logged in

    He admits he knew virtually nothing at the time about owning and operating a sawmill.
    So Lawrenceburg’s Gary McInturf did the logical thing: he bought one.
    The year was 2009. A storm blew over some oak trees in his yard on Ballard Road, but instead of sawing and removing the trees, McInturf’s wife suggested getting the logs turned into lumber.
    “My wife said, ‘Let’s get some furniture made from the oak trees,’” McInturf said. “So I took them to a guy in Shelbyville who had a sawmill.

  • Lazy people eating poorly

    Comedian Steven Colbert announced last year that Lexington was the laziest city in the country.
    Anderson County, however, may be competing for that title after a new health study reported mixed results for the county’s outlook of overall health.  
    The 2012 County Health Rankings and Roadmaps, released by the University of Wisconsin Population Institute and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, measured everything from low birth weight to smoking to availability of fast-food restaurants as an assessment tool for counties to examine health habits.  

  • House still stands year after ordered torn down

    Exactly one year ago, the county’s fire chief gave the owner of a trashed-out house on Hammond Road 10 days to tear it down or risk fines and jail time.
    The house wasn’t torn down, and its owner, Steve Gay of 1221 McCormick Road, was neither fined nor jailed.
    Now, 365 days since the that deadline was issued, another has been set, this time by a District Court judge who has given Gay until July 5 to remove the house, according to the county’s code enforcement officer, Doug Ingram.

  • COLUMN: Done with slamming the one-and-dones

    We might as well get used to it.

    As long as John Calipari is winning big at Kentucky the criticism will be as sure as the sun coming up in the east.

    As long as talents like John Wall and Anthony Davis come through Lexington for one season of Big Blue basketball on their way to being the most-coveted commodity by the NBA, you are going to continue hearing that now-tired refrain, “Those one-and-dones are ruining the college game.”

    I wish Davis could just reject that statement like he swatted away 186 opponents' shots this year.

  • Jacob is just being himself as a ’Cat

    LEXINGTON – Six months ago, he might have been Connor Shaw one week, Jarrett Lee another, then Tyler Brey the final week.

    But today, he's just Jacob Russell, walk-on quarterback who is fighting for playing time at the University of Kentucky.

  • BASEBALL ROUNDUP: Bearcats win three in Florida

    A trip to Fort Walton Beach was more than just fun in the sun for the Anderson County High School baseball team last week.

    The Bearcats won three of five games in last week's Florida Beach Bash and showed some improvement as they moved to 6-4 on the year. Yet, the week also indicated the gap between where Anderson is and the status of regional contender is still quite large.